Jupiter Return Report


Jupiter Return Report


Every 12 years or so, Jupiter, the Planet of Good Fortune, returns to the sign and exact degree it was when you were born. It is usually a very lucky time and this cycle coincides with many major life transitions. Knowing when and where Jupiter holds sway for you will give a clear idea of how to focus your efforts for maximum results. The Jupiter's Return Report can tell you exactly how Jupiter will influence or will recharge your life. Included is a detailed report and a 60 minute in-person consultation. This report is for you if you were born during the following dates:

11/09/35 to 12/02/36

10/24/47 to 11/15/48

02/11/59 to 04/24/59

10/06/59 to 03/01/60

06/10/60 to 10/25/60

01/15/71 to 06/04/71

09/12/71 to 02/06/72

07/25/72 to 09/25/72

12/26/82 to 01/19/84

12/10/94 to 01/03/96

11/25/06 to 12/18/07

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