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Cosmic Care Combo

  • Wellness Collective on 5th 823 W. 5th Street Winston-Salem, NC 27101 (map)

Have you ever wondered how the positions of the planets at birth affect your strengths and weaknesses and the way you navigate them as you move through life? As living, breathing beings, the vibrations and frequencies that surround us on a daily basis affect our thoughts, actions, and physical wellbeing deeply. The vibrations of planets at our time of birth in particular can affect the ways we communicate (Mercury), interact in romantic relationships (Venus), achieve success (Mars) and so on. 

Join Essential Zodiac and In Tune Reiki & Healing Vibrations for an exciting day of Astrological Self-Revelation and Vibrational Therapy on Sunday, May 21st at the Wellness Collective on 5th. 

Participants will receive two personalized 60-minute sessions:

Professional Natal Chart Analysis with Cynthia McNulty

• Receive an In-depth Report of how Natal Planetary Positions affect each area of your life
• Learn what Strengths you possess and how to deal with any Challenges you may face
• Gain Clear Insight about who you are and what you have to offer

Planetary Vibrational Therapy Session with Emily Stewart Baker

• Receive a Relaxing Spa Treatment with the Healing Vibrations of Planetary Tuning Forks, tailored to benefit you based on the findings in your Natal Chart
• Infuse your body’s Energy Field with Vibrations of the Planets that can help you Transcend Obstacles and realize your True Potential
• Enjoy a warm bath of Reiki Energy to help your body’s energy field absorb and integrate the Planetary Vibrations that complement your Birth Chart

These sessions will rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit, particularly in the areas of your life where you tend to feel challenged on a regular basis. You'll leave with a refreshing "big picture" look at your life, an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, a renewed sense of vitality, and newfound vibrations in your energy field to help you transcend obstacles that used to seem daunting.

PLEASE NOTE: Vibrational Therapy with Tuning Forks is not recommended for those who are currently pregnant, undergoing chemotherapy or similar agressive medical treatments, or using pacemakers. If any of this applies to you, we can adjust your session to include customized affirmations and Reiki without the Tuning Forks.

This amazing offer is only $111. Participants must reserve their spots and fill out the accompanying questionnaire by Monday, May 16th to allow time to produce your natal chart and customize your session. Limited slots are available, so register here to reserve your session:

Later Event: May 24
Astrology Basics Class