Update #1

Hello Everyone!

 I’ve made a few changes here at Essential Zodiac and I wanted to be sure everyone was made aware.  These changes will take effect April 1st as we begin the new astrological year (yes, I know the Spring Equinox is on the 20th, but I didn’t want to start anything mid-month).

 ·       You now have the option of using Zoom for your consultations.  Zoom is a video conference application and allows us to have our sessions anywhere.

 ·       I have a new service – Astro Tarot.  It combines tarot and astrology and is awesome for tapping into the energy out in the Universe.

 ·       I am designing and planning a lunar workshop to launch next year. It will be a year-long workshop where I would teach you how to tap into the energy of the new and full moons. I’ll be using Zoom, so there will be no location restrictions.  I’ll be giving updates on my progress periodically.

 ·       To help along with this project, I have joined Paetron.  Creating the workshop is a big undertaking. This will take off some of the burden of worrying over business expenses.  Here is the link if you want to become a patron of Essential Zodiac. You can change your membership at any time. There are several levels of participation and each has perks associated with it.

 ·       I am going to be changing the format of the monthly newsletter.  It will be accessed through my website and will be more general in nature.

 ·       Mercury Retrograde begins tomorrow.  Here is the link with that information.

 Thank you all for all the support you have shown me and Essential Zodiac all these years.  It helps me bring new and exciting content to you.  This next chapter is going to be even better.