Zodiac Party


Here’s a unique and fun party idea.  Suitable for any occasion, host your own Astrology Party. I will provide each guest with their own private astrology mini consultation based on their birth chart. These are 15 minutes in length. This is a very special experience unique to each individual. All I require a private room or area away from the chatter where I can do the consultation.

One week prior to the event, you the host will email me the birth information for each guest, which includes their birth date, time and place of their birth.  If the birth time is unknown, I will use 12 noon. If they have a sense of what the birth time is we can of course go with that for their session.

Your consultation/chart is complimentary.  Each of your guests will receive a copy of their chart and consultation to take home with them.

The cost:

$30.00 per person – under 5 guests

$25.00 per person – 5 guests to a maximum of 10 guests.

The above charges apply to events held in the Piedmont Triad area.  Other locations will be priced according to distance.  Please include your location when scheduling your party.

I accept cash and credit/debit cards.

Please E-mail me  to get your party started!