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Combining the divinatory powers of the tarot, with the insights of astrology, my astro-tarot service is a unique tool to help you with any of life’s problems or take advantage of positive energies coming your way. Whether you need a quick answer to a question or looking for a general overview for the next few months, I have you covered.  Sessions can per in-person or through Zoom.


12 Card Zodiac Wheel Spread                                                                       $75

This spread resembles a Zodiac chart, with each card representing an astrological house, or area of life.  This is a good spread for a general overview of your life for a 3 month period of time. Learn which forces of destiny are influencing each major area of your life, and how to bring more happiness and fulfillment into your world.

4 Card Elemental Spread                                                                               $45

Have you ever felt like you had a problem all figured out and yet you couldn’t get rid of it?  Focus is like a flashlight—if you’re shining it on one aspect of your situation, you’re not seeing the other aspects. That’s where the Elemental Tarot Spread comes in. With card positions for Earth, Air, Fire and Water, it will show you where the imbalance of your situation is.


3 Card Spread                                                                                                $35

Use this spread to gain insight into one particular problem or obstacle and help to determine an action or solution that must be taken to overcome the obstacle.