Scorpio and Death

The Sun enters Scorpio on October 22nd this year. Represented by the Scorpion it is a passionate fixed, water sign and associated with The Death card in Tarot. Ruled by Pluto (its traditional ruler is Mars), the Lord of the Underworld, this sign known for digging deep to reveal what's below the surface. The Sun is serious, intense, seeking meaning/understanding and must answer all the "whys" in Scorpio. While the Sun is in Scorpio, make a conscious effort to listen to our gut feelings, nurture our intuitive abilities, and give in to the Sun's urgings for us to dig deeper. Seek the source instead of just identifying the symptoms. It is through this deeper, fuller understanding that allows us to push through, become empowered, and then transformed.  Halloween, All Saints Day and Day of the Dead all take place under the influence of Sun in Scorpio, and that's no coincidence. It's time to look deeper, shine a light into the shadows and transform one another with truth. 

In the Rider-Waite deck, Death, numbered 13 is portrayed as a skeleton, clad in black armor, riding a white horse. He is moving to the right. He carries a flag with a large, stylized white rose on a black background. On the ground, where Death has just passed, lies a King, presumably dead. In front of Death, a bishop, wearing yellow robes holds out his hands as though in supplication. A child kneels nearby, showing no apparent fear. A woman, also kneeling, turns away as if unable to bear the sight of the ghastly figure. In the middle ground there is a plain and a sailing boat on a river. In the distance, above a cliff face, the setting (or rising) sun is framed by two towers; they may be the entrance to a city, suggested by the silhouette in between them. Symbolizing release and rebirth, the Death card is about transformation and reminds us that you must be willing to let go of the past in order to embrace new opportunities. The skeleton actually represents what will remain after death. And his armor reminds us to focus on what is invincible and cannot be destroyed. Just like Scorpio, this symbolism challenges us to look beyond death as we know it and focus on our capacity to rise above our pain and re-invent ourselves. The white horse and white rose, suggests beauty, purification and immortality. Again, all of this is hinting at Scorpio's amazing ability to transform pain into love.

 Tarot Meditations while the Sun is in Scorpio

The period when the Sun transits through Scorpio and prepares for its sojourn in the underworld of winter is an excellent time to meditate on the tarot’s Death card. Select the card and study its images. Then ask yourself where in your life do you need to “die” so that you can be may be transformed and reborn into a new level of existence? What must you give up that has become worn and useless?

To prepare for mediation, sit or lie in a comfortable place and allow your body to be free of tension and distractions. Pay attention to your breathing. Feel your breath go in and out as you inhale and exhale. If distracting thoughts enter your mind, simply observe them and allow them to float by as you gently return your attention to your breathing. When you have established a steady, comfortable rhythm of breathing rhythmically in and out, turn your focus to the tarot card. Observe the card and contemplate its images. Let your mind be open to the messages you receive from it. When you have completed your meditation, you may wish to record your observations in a notebook for review later on.