Leo and Strength

On July 22nd, the Sun enters Leo, the Lion, the sign associated with the Strength card of the Tarot. In Cancer, the Sun's focus was inward, now in Leo it's all about self-expression and creativity. Since the Sun is Leo's native ruler, the Sun is dignified in this sign.  You can expect the motivation of the next four weeks to be about personal forms of creativity and style.  Now is the time to take a risk, using Leo's courage to do so. While the Sun is in Leo, be generous of your time and self. Let the Leo Sun's warmth help ease your worries.

July 2016 - Catching Our Breath

July starts with a collective sigh of relief. The drama and mayhem of last month is over.  Not completely resolved, but waning for sure. We are now in the time of Cancer. The Crab is a cardinal water sign, ruled by the Moon. Cardinal signs initiate, water signs are interested in how things feel and the Moon collects and protects. The Cancer Sun is anything but detached; we're attached to the outcome, to how we feel, to our past, protecting our past and safeguarding our security. After all the craziness of June, the cosmos gives us a bit of a break and a soft landing.

Cancer and the Chariot

On June 20th, the Summer Solstice, the Sun moves into Cancer. The cardinal sign of Cancer represents our roots, our family, the past, the home and our emotions. The Chariot card is paired with the sign Cancer which is ruled by the Moon and its symbol the celestial crab with its hard shell and soft interior. While the Sun is in Cancer, we are reminded of our roots and to connect with family, biological or otherwise.  In Cancer, the Sun is more reserved, sensitive, somewhat shy and intuitive. The Sun’s energy focused on the inner workings of the self; who we are, what we desire, who/what motivates all rooted at our hearts and our emotional side.

Saturn Square Neptune - What is Real?

The second Saturn/Neptune square is tightening and will be exact on June 17th. We had one already in November right before Thanksgiving and the third will be in September. The issue this time around is that both Saturn and Neptune are Retrograde and this suggests an intensified version of the square.