Saturn Square Neptune - What is Real?


The second Saturn/Neptune square is tightening and will be exact on June 17th. We had one already in November right before Thanksgiving and the third will be in September. The issue this time around is that both Saturn and Neptune are Retrograde and this suggests an intensified version of the square.

Neptune is about vision, spirituality and empathy, but also delusion and deception. In its Retrograde cycle, the blinders are off and we are able to see past the fantasy world we have created for ourselves. Saturn is about concrete reality and skeptical judgment, but it provides structure and order. With Saturn Retrograde we are asked to review, revamp and revitalize our beliefs and morals. When the planets are in a hard aspect such as this square, it will be about confronting illusions and unmasking deception by dissolving boundaries and structures to see the underlying truth.This period which recurs every 18 years, is often a time of great hope or disillusionment for society at large. Although not everyone is personally affected, everyone is somehow changed and life isn't quite the same afterwards. The conflict of ideal with real, whichever temporarily triumphs, reminds one that the two worlds are fundamentally at odds and that you must juggle both in order to be human. The lesson lies not in the fact that we see it, but that we so quickly forget it.

At its best, the connection of Saturn and Neptune will help us become more aware of the many different levels of reality and that what we usually consider “reality” is sometimes arbitrary. Saturn in Sagittarius has a strong adherence to certain principles and ideology; Neptune in Pisces will be working to make sure that our principles are inclusive, that we are really seeing the big picture. Those who have a stubborn, rigid belief system concerning science, spirituality, and philosophy will have a much harder time coping with this influence; those who are more open in their beliefs will have the advantage. Both Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces are focused on the search for the TRUTH about our existence each in their own way. Both faith and reason can work together to authenticate what truth and reality are.

So the question that Saturn square Neptune asks us to ponder is what exactly is real?

The answer may be difficult for some people to swallow as many of the things we base our careers, relationships and identity upon simply will not stand up to close scrutiny. Fears and self-doubt are likely, as you begin to wonder what in your life you can actually rely on. You're probably encountering these tests already. Anxiety will intensify as the questions mount. But the upside is the potential for a new goal to emerge and emerges is better for you and it's your new truth.

You can tell a great deal about how this aspect will affect you by finding out which houses Saturn and Neptune are transiting in your natal chart.  Contact me for a mini reading.