Saturn Rx in Capricorn - 2018

Saturn Rx in Capricorn - 2018

Even though Mercury is now moving forward, another slow down occurs as Saturn turns retrograde today until September 6th.  Saturn is now in its home sign of Capricorn.  Saturn is happy in Capricorn where his orderly and structured energy is appreciated.  Saturn in Capricorn will be teaching us a great many things about the effort it takes to mature and the importance of making that effort without expectation of what will be received. Now the work is the reward.

Saturn enters Capricorn

Saturn enters Capricorn

Saturn enters Capricorn on  today until March 21, 2020.  Then due to a retrograde period it will travel back to Sagittarius, returning to Capricorn on July 1, 2020 and will remain there until December 17, 2020. With Saturn in Capricorn, the signs it rules, Saturn is dignified and functioning well. Saturn feels right at home in Capricorn. 

Saturn Rx - Walk your Talk

Saturn Rx - Walk your Talk

Saturn turns retrograde on April 6th until August 25, 2017.  Saturn is all about restriction and limitation; Sagittarius ruled by expansive Jupiter is positive and optimistic. Saturn's job, whether by transit or in your birth chart, is to provide enough pressure so that we confront what isn't working in our lives. Saturn will have us work to change it or help us to let it go. Saturn in Sagittarius asks us to take on the responsibility of living according to our personal truths and principles and to be loyal to these.

Saturn Square Neptune - What is Real?

The second Saturn/Neptune square is tightening and will be exact on June 17th. We had one already in November right before Thanksgiving and the third will be in September. The issue this time around is that both Saturn and Neptune are Retrograde and this suggests an intensified version of the square.

May 2016 - Time to Reflect

essentialzodiacReflection As May begins, there are five planets trekking through a retrograde cycle: communicator Mercury, forceful Mars, expansive Jupiter (although Jupiter will turn direct on May 9th), structured Saturn and transformative Pluto. Despite their poor reputations for disruption and chaos which is not without merit, Retrogrades are also an important time to slow down, step back and correct course. Are you on the best possible path or are you just charging ahead blindly? The Universe is giving us a grace period to sort that all out.

For the next few months, we need to be clear on who we are, what we are doing, where we are going and start practicing it. These 4 months are our gift to learn how to be our true authentic selves.  Here is a short overview of the energy you can experience from each planet:

1. Mars causes feeling of “I want to move forward but I can’t”. It is a fast moving planet and hates slowness but we are forced to re-evaluate how we react and our actions so we can be a more aligned path with our authentic self.

2. Saturn wants us to take slow, steady steps with lots of time for reflection. We learn to look at our beliefs, thoughts, movement, action in life and business. Are you trying to do too much, are you glossing over things and are you not walking your talk.

3. Jupiter asks us to look at how we want to expand our lives and make sure we are being true to who we are. How can you love and honor yourself more?

4. Pluto challenges our beliefs, perceptions, our inner selves and shadow side. It wants us to really dig deep and clear out things that no longer serve.

5. Mercury wants us to look at everything about communication, contacts, technology, appliances and vehicles. What need to be repaired, redone or fixed? Are all your “I’s” dotted and “T’s” crossed.

It is a beautiful gift if we choose to see it that way. Our energy and time is precious. Do the groundwork now. Build your foundation and shine authentically.

Each planet affects a different part of your chart. I can provide you with a road map to help you see what you need to work on and to watch out for during the next few challenging months. If you want a retrograde astrology chart, please click here.