Saturn Rx - Walk your Talk

Saturn turns retrograde on April 6th until August 25, 2017.  Saturn is about restriction and limitation; Sagittarius, ruled by expansive Jupiter, is positive and optimistic. Saturn's job, whether by transit or in your birth chart, is to provide enough pressure so that we confront what isn't working in our lives. Saturn will demand of us that we change it or let it go. Saturn in Sagittarius asks us to take on the responsibility of living according to our personal truths and principles and to be loyal to these.

With Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius the time has come to review, revamp and revitalize our beliefs and morals. Saturn moves slowly and deliberately. He demonstrates that nothing is worth having if it is does not take time and work. Saturn shines a magnifying glass to examine our perceived altruism, willingness to learn and potential to expand, to become something greater than the Self. We must face and define our spiritual blocks with the knowledge that, in so doing, we effectively dissolve the power of lingering fear, hesitation and mistrust. Indeed, to know the problem is to know the solution. Saturn teaches that change is necessary to move forward. All things must come to an end. Nothing about Saturn is quick, easy or direct. Don’t fool yourself into believing you’ll get let off the hook without doing any work.

In addition to the hard work already before us, Saturn squares Venus in Pisces on April 21st. This aspect is normally challenging and with Saturn retrograde, it is even more so.  This tense square will have us reflecting on our boundaries and self-worth. Toxic relationships that are standing in the way of our personal growth will be brought into the light under the intense scrutiny of this transit. Another domain of Venus is our finances.  Take extra care with your checkbook and put off any major financial changes for a day or two.

If we approach this phase with maturity, patience and the courage to face some uncomfortable truths, Saturn’s direct station will find us in a more functional position to apply the insight we have gained.

Want to know where in your chart Saturn will challenge you?  Email me for details.