Mercury Rx in Taurus/Aries - Your Cosmic Mulligan

We are only 9 days into April and another planet, our friend Mercury, joins the retrograde lineup of Jupiter, Venus and Saturn.  I think most of us by now are familiar with retrograde motion.  We know that the planet is not actually travelling backwards, it’s an optical illusion.  But the affect cannot be discounted; the planetary energy does not operate in its normal mode.

Mercury’s retrograde reputation precedes him; since he retrogrades most often he is the most well-known even among astrology novices.  But for a recap when Mercury is moving in reverse, the areas of life he governs do not play by the usual rules. Anything related to communication and travel requires extra attention. This includes phones, computers, electronic devices, the mail, both email and postal, cars, public transportation… well you get the idea. This is not a good time to start something new, to sign contracts, make major purchases or get married (unless it’s a remarriage of the same couple.) The watch words are re-work, revisit and revise.  Mercury retrograde is the universe’s gift of a second chance.

While a retrograde cycle is never straight forward, this period will be particularly complex.  Mercury starts out in Taurus, a stable earth sign ruled by Venus.  With Venus still retrograde as well, you can bet that love and money are going to figure prominently during this period.   But don’t expect any sudden revelations or changes. This cycle is akin to “watching paint dry.” The key to this time is being patient. You have to see where you have been before you can go forward.  On the 20th, Mercury moves into the sign of Aries. Think first before speaking and taking action. There is a temptation with that “hurry up” Aries impatience to get going before you are ready.  Resist it.  One of the hardest but most important feats to accomplish during this period is self-restraint.

When Mercury turns direct on May 3rd,  it will remain in Aries.  Now is the time to put all your ideas, insights and revelations to work in your life.  The “go for it” Aries energy will propel you forward.

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