July 2016 - Catching Our Breath


July starts with a collective sigh of relief. The drama and mayhem of last month is over.  Not completely resolved, but waning for sure. We are now in the time of Cancer. The Crab is a cardinal water sign, ruled by the Moon. Cardinal signs initiate, water signs are interested in how things feel and the Moon collects and protects. The Cancer Sun is anything but detached; we're attached to the outcome, to how we feel, to our past, protecting our past and safeguarding our security. After all the craziness of June, the cosmos gives us a bit of a break and a soft landing.

The Cancer New Moon aligns with the Sun, Mercury and Venus all also in the Moon ruled sign of hearth and home, family, heritage and roots, and patriotism. Occurring here on Independence Day, the love of country will be visibly celebrated but felt everywhere, celebrated or not. We may feel a stronger desire for a change.  What that means in practice is hard to say, and may take months to manifest, but looks for the memes “fresh start” or “turning point” to turn up in advertising, media and on the campaign trail.But then there’s that opposition with Pluto Rx in Capricorn that can lead us down strange roads, like the dredging up of psychic nasties.  Pluto wants to questions us as to whether we have truly changed in our present from our history, or are merely reliving it under new guises.

On July 12, Venus enters Leo, followed by Mercury on July 13. This will provide incredible zest for life and the capacity to live and love on a grand scale. You'll communicate creative ideas with flair and will make the most of romantic opportunities. This is your time to have fun!

There’s another slow-moving yet-powerful alignment that’s heating up this month. Optimistic Jupiter harmonizes with transformative Pluto; the alignment occurred on June 29, but its positive ripples will be felt through July.  The pairing will bring the hope you need to make changes you’ve been dreading. If you’ve been postponing, make time to just do it and get it over with. The pair also has an affinity for making money; ask for a raise or raise your prices.

The Full Moon in Capricorn on July 19 is wisdom at its best.Emotions may flare, however they may appear to be more self-contained as this Full Moon is all about structure and maintaining a level of control. Emotionally, however, during this time we have been doing a lot of purging, eliminating things, or even people from our lives that no longer serve out higher good. More than likely, we have come to realize what we need and what we want and the differences behind the meaning. A sense of clarity emerges during this cycle. It is like a beacon of light shining in to our darkest place, our shadow, and turning the lights back on.

Now that Mars has ended his retrograde cycle, you will feel the push to get moving towards all those ambitions that were stuck or going nowhere fast since April. Mars begins to pick up speed this month to help you with your summer fun or tasks, but he isn’t up to full speed until mid-August. So enjoy this gradual increase in energy and motivation, knowing that it takes time to get everything moving in the same direction in your life. And honestly we all need a bit of down time anyway.

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