October 2016 - Wisdom in Stillness

October begins with Mercury moving into fair-minded Libra on the 7th.  With Mercury in Libra, our minds shift towards all that feels out of balance in our lives. Whether we apply this focus to the world-at-large or upon the inequalities in our relationships, we will now hone in on where things are out of proportion. Reciprocity is key, the give-and-take in all commerce, conversation and exchange. On the plus side, Mercury in Libra helps us to access that fine sword of discrimination before jumping into commitments or decisions too hastily. The downside is over-thinking our options and getting lost in the back-and-forth, forever trying to make up our minds. Eventually we must commit or quit, even if the situation is not perfect. And if you're trying to make any type of negotiation or partnership deal, do your best to seal things up near October 11 when Mercury and Jupiter align in relationship-oriented Libra. This will also be an ideal time for any type of conversation that requires diplomacy and tact.

A Full Moon on October 16th will fall in Aries and will closely link to Uranus. Normally, this moon would be a time of augmented action and aspirations. Usually it’s a good time to begin new projects or to try to implement desired changes, however not this time. This Moon less than one degree away from Uranus and Uranus is interacting poorly with the Libra Sun.  This link indicates disturbances and a general sense of disruption.  Lie low and just chill out.  It would also be wise to table any important events until next week. 

On the 18th there is a sigh of relief as Venus moves from Scorpio's intensity into the sign of optimism and expansion.  Venus in Sagittarius brings a sense of idealism, optimism, hope, where ethics and morality plays a huge part in the equation.

Life's mysteries come into focus when the Sun moves into deep, intense Scorpio on October 22nd. It's all about digging beneath the surface to uncover the hidden truths about ourselves, others and the world at large. As a water sign, Scorpio's energy is more intuitive than logical and more instinctive than reasonable. They are the investigators/researchers of the zodiac. Driven by their unending curiosity coupled with their strong intuition, they must have complete understanding of people, situations, or things; anything less is unacceptable. While the Sun is in Scorpio, make a conscious effort to listen to your gut feelings, nurture your intuitive abilities and give in to the urge to dig deeper.

Mercury and the New Moon follow the Sun’s lead and enter Scorpio as well.  This can be a very intense time and caution is advised. Communication collides head-on with the dark sign of secrets and privacy during Mercury in Scorpio. As emotions become heightened, it’s almost like you never know what you’re going to get during this period. Honesty will come into question, and you may take on the role of detective while trying to determine the truth in situations romantic, professional and personal. This can be a very powerful period for talking about difficult issues regarding relationships, money and mortality. The dark side is represented by the mistrusting mind, one that holds secrets and fears them at the same time. Communication becomes a means of control, rather than connection. On the 30th, this New Moon in Scorpio turns our awareness inward and gives us the clarity to see what outmoded habits we need to shed. Transformative, willful Scorpio burns away our illusions and reminds us of all that isn't authentic about ourselves. We’re poised for powerful, personal renewal at the deepest level and encouraged to let go of stale behavior in order to manifest new, healthier actions. The intensity of the moment tells you it's time to turn over a new leafbut perhaps without entirely sharing it with everybody. It may be time to take your own, new path and only share your developing resources when they are firmly in your control.

Now the harvest season is upon us and soon it will be winter.  As the natural world begins to decay and become dormant we are reminded of our own mortality. Samhain, Halloween and Day of the Dead all take place under the sign of Scorpio and that's no coincidence. It's time to look deeper, shine a light into the shadows and transform one another with truth.