December 2016 - Moving Forward

December opens up with Mercury, the planet of communication, moving into business-oriented Capricorn on December 2nd. He'll turn retrograde on December 19th until January 8th and we'll face serious questions connected to re-evaluating goals and ambitions. With Mercury in Capricorn, the retrograde period can bring out Capricorn’s tendency towards negativity and there may be particular frustration over how much time everything takes, especially with Mars in nebulous ‘it’ll happen when it happens’ Pisces. I’ll be publishing a survival guide to cope in the next few weeks, but for now remember that patience is a virtue during the retrograde period.

A Full Moon in Gemini on December 13th might bring at least one important conversation or decision to resolution. Stay flexible and in the moment. With so much information floating about, don’t do everything at once; it’s best to take deep breaths and focus on one thing at a time.

Mars enters Pisces on December 19th where he'll remain until January 29th. During this time the planet of aggression is forced to take on a style that has more to do with peace and unconditional love. As a result, the only way to move mountains will be through accessing your inner strength and by taking the high road in tense situations. Be the peaceful warrior! 

The Sun enters Capricorn on 21st December signaling the Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere. Light a candle to welcome the return of the Sun. After the longest night, the days begin to increase in light and warm. Most of us will be working hard to move forward toward something better now. Capricorn is strong and determined to succeed, they love a challenge and they always play by the rules. Many of us will adopt this serious and hardworking Capricorn attitude now, thinking about past lessons, coming up with new goals and setting out to achieve them, which is fitting as we approach the New Year.

A Jupiter opposing Uranus transit occurs on the 26th. These match-ups happen every 14 years and while this standoff can signify uncertainty is on the rise, it also can signify that it will be all right in the end.  This is a time when large-scale efforts and the best of intentions can suddenly change, go awry, be shot down, or get reborn. Not just for you, but for everyone around, so keep that in mind before putting all your eggs in one basket. It's a time of discovery, not so much from new revelations but from uncovering what was wrong and spotting the phony. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. The same can apply to your heart, where promising more than can be delivered is a distinct possibility and its revelation can come as a shock. Use normal precautions and get confirmation before you go all in.

Uranus turns direct on the 29th and the last 5 months of repressed urges could flare up as wild weather, political uprisings or other such unsettling events.  As Uranus moves direct it's important to remember that transformation on personal and collective levels, no matter how destabilizing and frightening they can be, is needed to revitalize and redirect humanity.

The month (and year) winds down with a New Moon in Capricorn on December 29th. Press the reset button on your goals now that you've had time to re-evaluate them. This New Moon is even more powerful because it's the first New Moon for the New Year setting the tone for what's ahead. Capricorn is an Earth sign and blesses us with the strength and determination to deliver on our promises. We can put this New Moon to work by setting sensible goals and sticking to a sustainable plan is more productive than expending short bursts of intense activity.