2017 - the Story Begins Anew

The new planetary energies coming into the spotlight in 2017 will be fueling us to step outside the norm. The ordinary just won’t do now. It’s time to take things into a brand new direction. The more willing we are to let go, readjust our perspective and embrace something new, the better off we’ll be with what 2017 has in store. A new foundation is in the process of being created and it’s up to us to plant our seeds for next year wisely. 

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Here are some key astrological points taking place in 2017 to take note of:

The major eclipses, will take place in February and August. Those will be key months in saying good bye to the old and embracing the new. The Solar eclipse that takes place in the sign of Leo on August 21st will be particularly opportunistic. Aquarius, Leo’s polar opposite, will also be quite highlighted in the year ahead. The Aquarius side to the story will want us to embrace and honor our uniqueness. At the end of the day we’re all individuals and special in our own way. The time has come to be loud and proud of it.

The Leo/Aquarius axis is going to be very prominent in 2017, as the Lunar Nodes move into this pairing in May. In this axis we find the work of honoring the individual inside of the collective, the value of self-expression, humanitarianism, and the ability to offer directly from the heart.  When we are working with this polarity, we are learning to contribute to the collective by honoring the uniqueness within ourselves and others.  

Mercury, the communications planet, will retrograde four times in 2017 and will have an effect on two very different signs. We’re going to see a need to integrate some practicality into our possibilities with both the fire and earth signs being emphasized. 

Relationships will take a new turning point as well. Venus will go through her   important retrograde cycle in March & April. This important Venus cycle will be a very telling point surrounding relationships of all kinds.

In October, luck will find itself into much deeper and darker waters when Jupiter enters Scorpio. Jupiter’s transit through intense and passionate Scorpio urges us to go after our hearts’ desires. Because Jupiter’s nature is extravagant, we must guard against “too much”. Moderation doesn’t come naturally to either Jupiter or Scorpio.

At the tail end of 2017, Saturn will move into a brand new skin. In late December of 2017, he’ll enter the sign of Capricorn and really begin the process of radical change to the status quo. All of the new things that started to come onto the scene all throughout 2017 will then go through a new evolution.

The year of 2017 is a time to embrace integrating some change into things. The universe knows we need it and eventually many of us will come to see it that way too. This is the year that’s giving us the potential to officially let go of the old story and begin writing a brand new one. 

So without delay let’s get to what January has in store.

January 2nd - socialite Venus enters compassionate Pisces which is something to look forward to. It will bode very well for relationships of all kinds since Venus works very well in this sign.

January 4th - communications guru Mercury heads back into Sagittarius in his final stretch of retrograde nonsense. Things might get a little out-of-proportion in the next few days. The really good news is that Mercury will move direct early on the 8th. This will allow us to see how all our recent readjustments and annoying delays were working to our advantage.

January 12th - a Full Moon in Cancer will light up the night sky and create quite the stir and will be part of a high-energy Grand Cardinal Cross leading us into a major crossroads. And Mercury re-enters Capricorn. When Mercury is in Capricorn, the earthy side comes forward, courtesy of its Virgo rulership. The energy will be more sensible in Capricorn, but also more serious, focused, organized, determined and conservative.

January 19th - the Sun shifts into brilliant & inventive Aquarius. The bad news is that Mars and Saturn will be at odds with one another putting anger and rough feelings into the air. Inauguration day will take place on the heels of this mess on the next day. It’s to be expected that more than a few people are going to be feeling at odds with Donald Trump beginning his presidency. We can expect strong feelings to surface again as a result.

January 27th – the New Moon in Aquarius brings us a fresh start. In Aquarius, your intimately personal visions are seen as part of the greater whole. Find ways to experiment with changing your life by changing your thoughts. Nurture dreams that send the best of you back out into the world.

January 28th - Mars begins his march through Aries Mars is where Aries is most comfortable since Mars is Aries ruling planet. During the five weeks that Mars is in Aries, temperatures will be raised, frictions intensified, work accomplished and heroics inspired.