December 2017 - Out with a Bang

December begins as the planets speed around in globe-trotting Sagittarius.  The Sun began this dance in November and Venus follows suit on the 1st and moves into the sign of optimism and expansion.  Venus in Sagittarius brings a sense of idealism, optimism, hope, where ethics and morality plays a huge part in the equation. Be cautious though, Venus can play fast and loose with love and money while in Sagittarius. A restless Mars opposite Uranus on this same day has us inclined to leap without looking in a bid for freedom. We desire change, but initiatives begun now can have unexpected consequences.

On Saturday, December 2nd there’s a stunningly rare alignment between generous Jupiter and compassionate Neptune that hasn’t happened in these signs for over a century. This is the first of 3 trines that flows between now and August of 2018. At a time when the world is desperately in need of Jupiter’s cross-cultural connectivity and Neptune’s healing salve, I'm hoping this trine will increase the peace in any small way it can.

The Gemini Full Moon arrives on December 3rd, which gets us all talking, brainstorming and syncing up with synergistic souls. But before you start pairing and sharing up a storm, think twice: There are two strikes against using this energy to its fullest potential.  Mercury begins its retrograde period and the Sun and Neptune square off making today foggy.  The best antidote is to go slowly and finish one thing before beginning the next.

With Mercury stationing retrograde it may be a good idea to get the Christmas shopping done early especially if you buy online. As we know, during Mercury retrograde there tends to be more issues with delays. With this retrograde in Sagittarius, the sign of long distance communications, we can anticipate that postal snarl-ups might be on the agenda. This is also the time of year when many of us are travelling to see loved ones over the holiday period. Sagittarius rules long distance travel too, so it’s best to triple check departure plans, put tickets in a prominent place and make peace with the journey perhaps being longer than anticipated before setting out.  I'll have more forthcoming on this transit.

Energy levels intensify on December 9th when Mars marches into Scorpio. The compulsive nature of Scorpio brings Mars to attention and this blistering hot transit can manifest as laser focus. With this boost of power, we’re more willing to confront obstacles that previously forced us to retreat. Jealously and manipulation can arise if there is unresolved anger and underlying feelings of weakness. Still, even if these darker emotional waters are stirred, Mars will also offer us the courage to face our own shadows too.

A powerhouse week begins on December 18th, when a Sagittarius New Moon kicks off an inspiring day for envisioning big dreams. Jot down what comes to you instead of waiting for the calendar to turn to draft resolutions. New moons are all about fresh starts, so we’re often at our most inspired states regarding new ideas and ventures.

On the 19th, we experience the biggest shift of the year as Saturn enters its home sign Capricorn where he will stay until 2020. Themes of accountability and responsibility arise from this powerful transit. I’ll have more information on this closer to the event.

On the Winter Solstice, December 21st, the Sun moves into Capricorn as well and re-enforces the theme of duty and responsibility. Working towards a long-term goal is most satisfying with this influence. There's a serious tone about this time of year because it's when we look for new hope in a time of darkness. Capricorn is an Earth sign ruled by karmic planet Saturn, so when the Sun moves into this sign, we'll all spend a little time contemplating the karmic lessons from the past year.

Mercury stations direct on the 22nd, and the irritation level has subsided.  You can appreciate the upside to these past three weeks. Those forced time-outs from business as usual actually served an important purpose: giving you an opportunity to review, reconsider and redo aspects of your life that were sorely in need of re-evaluation.

On Christmas Eve, Venus moves uncomfortably into in earthy Capricorn, where usefulness outshines beauty.  Here the focus is our responsibilities in relationship to others.

By New Year’s Eve, 4 planets will all be in Capricorn, making us think more seriously about the coming year. We all made it through this surreal 12-month cycle.

Onward to 2018!