March 2017 - Buckle your Seatbelts

Well that was some eclipse season! From fired national security advisers to an Oscar snafu, February was as unpredictable as expected. Unfortunately, there’s no breather as March’s monthly forecast has its own cosmic box of surprises with love planet Venus in retrograde and two interplanetary tangles from abundant Jupiter.

As March begins, we face more tricky transits. On March 3, expansive Jupiter and impulsive Uranus will meet in an exact opposition. This rare aspect only occurs every 14 years, a time of rapid change and revolution. On the upside, it can bring massive breakthroughs and progress. But chaos can also ensue, as these planets tempt us to “change at all costs”. As an example, in 2003, a Jupiter-Uranus opposition coincided with the space shuttle Colombia’s crash and the U.S. invasion of Iraq. This time as global Jupiter in peacemaker Libra battles tech-savvy Uranus in self-interested Aries, we have Russian hacking, “fake news” and White House leaks. Believe or not there is a method to this March madness, but it may not be revealed to us fully until the fall. In addition to protests, we must have a clear and unified agenda for peace and stand firm, rather than simply reacting to every outrage hurled our way.

Venus, the planet of love and harmony, will turn retrograde from March 4 to April 15. I'll blog about this in a few days, but for now, here's the lowdown. Love and tenderness is in short supply during this phase and this cycle tests even the most rock-solid relationships. On a personal level, old conflicts erupt and ex-lovers dip back into the picture. Venus will reverse through “me first” Aries until April 2, so brace yourself for ego battles and brash tempers. From April 2 to 15, Venus will back into Pisces, a time of blurred boundaries and master manipulators. Use this time as constructively as you can: Heal old relationship wounds, gain closure with an ex, renovate your home and declutter. Since Venus rules beauty, the retrograde can bungle any radical changes to your appearance, from extreme haircuts to cosmetic procedures. Just don’t do it – trust me!

Mars enters Taurus on March 10, which can indicate a slowdown in forward momentum. We might find ourselves suddenly irritated by what seems like a snail’s pace. Still, once we’re used to it, we’ll find that we have a great deal of patience and determination and it’s easier to pace our energies. Sometimes it’s hard to get started but once you begin, Mars in Taurus keeps going like a long lasting power battery.

The Virgo Full Moon on March 12 is ripe with potential. But we must know what we value and stick to it. Open those doors and march on through to the other side. Don't become too critical of spiritual wisdom. Luckily, the bold Sun is in healing and compassionate Pisces until March 20, but we must remember to use discernment. All that glitter isn't gold and Pisces is known for deception as much as it is known for ascension.

Our thinking becomes faster when Mercury enters Aries on March 13 and we’re likely to speak more directly too. Often this is a blessing after the sometimes mixed messages that Mercury in Pisces can bring but also it’s wise to ensure that words aren’t used as weapons. Aggressive speech may come too easily, so temper these impulses, if you can.  Avoid the tendency to over-share as well.

Aries season begins on March 20. As the new astrological year begins and it can be the perfect time to plant new seeds in your own life. Aries is a go-getting sign so one way to step into the zone is to take definitive action towards your personal goals. Let the blossoming of all life around you inspire your creativity.

The New Moon in Aries on March 28 is conjunct retrograde Venus so intentions seeded at this time must be blessed with self-love first and foremost in order for growth to occur. It’s possible that inner growth may be more important than outer growth at this time, despite the strong push to “get started”.

On March 30 another problematic Jupiter/Pluto aspect is upon us; the first of these was on Thanksgiving last year.  The cosmos is pointing out that in order for our relationships to grow (Jupiter in Libra), we must address power imbalances and de-construct fears (Pluto in Capricorn). We’re working out a dilemma here: Which “old-school” structures are worth upholding (May we suggest the U.S. Constitution?) and which are not? We’ll be sorting that one out until summer, with a few epic power struggles along the way.

When Mercury moves into Taurus on March 31, our thinking is down to earth, solid, and grounded. After the bluster and combustion of all the Aries energy, this energy shift is a breath of fresh air. Common sense reigns over more fanciful thinking. We communicate more deliberately under this influence, and our minds are oriented to the world of the five senses. We prefer the tried and true rather than new ways of thinking. Attention to one thing at a time can simplify our lives, but we may be in danger of narrow, overly conservative, or rigid thinking.

So, forget the lamb, as March’s lion stays put through the month. Ramp up your self-care and once again, expect the unexpected.