June 2017 - Sizzlin Summer

Mars enters maternal Cancer on June 4, the sign of his fall. (A planet being in the sign of its Fall is the most difficult place for planets to express their nature.  It is an uncomfortable, like being forced to be in a place where you are not welcome.) Cancer is a water sign and is emotional. So when fiery Mars moves into this sign, old hurts, anger and issue can resurface. We are more sensitive and quick to argue. Whatever happens, there’s a confrontation (Mars) with our feelings (Cancer).

The atmosphere may be easier around June 6 as both Mercury and Venus move into their home signs of Gemini and Taurus respectively. Mercury is all about relaying information and when in Gemini, this power duo becomes the ultimate channel for information to flow through.  As a result, you'll feel the rush of thoughts flowing through you at warp speed no matter what your sign. Venus rules Taurus, so she is at peak strength. Her powers of attraction are focused through the Taurus lens of caution, fertility and survival. This is an extremely sensual placement; Venus in Taurus is earthy, rich and satisfying. This transit can help you slow down and savor the things that make you happy.

June 9 sees the Full Moon in Sagittarius followed by Jupiter stationing direct within the hour. After a period of inner growth and being held in check, there’s an urge to push forwards. The Full Moon is interacting poorly with Saturn and Neptune so it could feel like we’re receiving mixed messages. It may be necessary to curb our idealism before moving ahead. This doesn’t have to stifle our enthusiasm or sense of adventure. We just need to narrow our range of vision to ensure what was started is completed.

Neptune begins its retrograde cycle on June 16 and the areas of life where we have been deluding ourselves become obvious.  We are more receptive to that “little voice” and our dreams can hold important messages.  I will be very interested to see how this energy will play out in our present political climate.

Mid-June brings forth a very watery time with the Sun moving into emotional Cancer on June 20, the Summer Solstice. With the Sun now spotlighting this home and family centered sign, the next 30 days are a time to turn our attention inwards. Cancer is sensitive, intuitive and maternal. While the Sun is in Cancer, we are reminded of our roots and to connect/re-connect with family, biological or otherwise. 

Mercury and the New Moon follow the Sun into Cancer as well.  Mercury moving into the emotional sign of Cancer on June 21 sees a strong shift in the way the people and situations behave. People will be a bit more understanding and sympathetic during this transit.  Our thoughts will be a bit more affected by emotional and subconscious patterns.  Intuitive or imaginative capacities are likely to be highlighted as well.

Two days later on June 23 the New Moon in Cancer shines a spotlight on areas in your life that need nurturing, tender loving care and emotional tending. Since water is a highly magnetic element, the more you can infuse love and tenderness into yourself the more you will attract that energy. The Cancer Moon reminds you to loving nurture all that is growing in your life.