August 2017 - The Fire of Transformation

This month is going jam packed with wild energy; it’s a real game-changer.  We can usually expect a high-energy month since August is filled with dramatic and fiery Leo energy.  But this particular August with two retrogrades and two eclipses it's high-octane.

There’s no gentle easing into the action either.  We jump in feet first with Mars and the Sun in Leo.  This dynamic duo of the masculine archetype, fires up courage and assertiveness, but also fuels combativeness and anger.  Uranus began its retrograde orbit on the 3rd until the end of the year and prompts us to question why. When Uranus is retrograde, the focus/energy turns inward. Now is the time to look at life from a fresh perspective, toss out the old ways of doing things and feel free to create a whole new world. It's time to face our fears and change the things that aren't working so we can become who we really want to be. This transit brings an unpredictable edge to an already unpredictable mix as we enter into eclipse season and are in the shadow of the upcoming Mercury retrograde.

The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on the 7th has a mix of difficult and easy aspects. Jupiter square Pluto is directly linked to the Moon and Sun. This means that a powerful drive for personal success will have an affect your mood, behavior and close relationships. And has the potential to make you greedy, selfish and ruthless on your way to the top. There’s a particularly temperamental aspect with Mars which can bring out your more impatient self. Little things will annoy you that you would normally ignore. Anger and a tendency to act without thinking increase the risk of minor irritations turning into arguments or fights. Channeling your aggressive energy toward hard work and competition will reduce the risk of conflict.

Mercury stations retrograde on August 12th. The majority of this retrograde will be in Virgo however Mercury will slip back into Leo for the final few days. The Virgo influence initially suggests we are being asked to review health and routines in order to make improvements. We may be super-sensitive to criticism during this period and have a tendency to worry more over details. It’s about identifying small changes that can have incremental effect rather than trying to pull apart everything and start again. Don’t get caught up in analysis paralysis.

The much anticipated Solar Eclipse takes place on August 21st in the regal sign of Leo. Dubbed the Great American Eclipse as this one is visible across the United States and not to mention the fact it falls right on Trump's Ascendant.  It’s expected that this lunation may have a significant impact in the history of America. Solar Eclipses have a tendency to reveal what was previously hidden. With the closest aspect to the eclipse being a trine to Uranus, there are perhaps revolutionary elements at play.  I will be providing more information on this transit within the next few weeks.

We will get some help internalizing the bombardment of energy around us when the Sun enters analytical Virgo on the 22nd. We’re already sensitized to this Virgo energy with Mercury’s retrograde passage here. Now the Sun illuminates dirty spots that need cleaning along with unhelpful practices that stop us from doing our best.

Saturn stations direct on August 25th. This forward motion in particular can create a push ahead in the area that the retrograde has affected. Some of us may get some extra insight – or a universal sign – into all the progress we’ve been making. A direct move marks the point where we can think about all we’ve learned, how hard we pushed ourselves and how much stronger we are as a result.

Venus entering Leo on August 26th reminds us that it can’t be all work and no play. This transit is all about taking a chance on love and expressing what’s in your heart. It’s time to be daring in your relationships. Whether you’re bursting with new passion for someone special or need to bring up a problem with your spouse/significant other, this influence will help you find the words, actions and courage to convey your feelings.

Mercury will be anaretic as he enters Leo on the 31st. The anaretic degree is the very last degree, 29 degrees, of any sign and a point of crisis energy. There can be some super Leo energy at that time or someone gets a lot of attention for all the wrong reasons. We may be desperate for attention, but refrain from doing anything rash to get it. And with Leo being a fire sign, energy can be high and tempers can flare, especially if our pride is wounded. Swallow that pride! On a personal level, you may experience this crisis energy with the areas of life ruled by the house Mercury is in at the time, so try to be prepared for anything before it comes, and try not to get too off track if anything does happen.

This is going to be a tough month.  Email me for a transit report to see how this month’s energy will impact you personally.