September 2017 - Winter is Coming

August certainly packed a punch and I’m sure left many of us reeling.  Between Mercury retrograde and the Eclipses, a lot of information was thrown at us.  This month, we get the chance to breathe and make sense of it all. The atmosphere in general during this time of year is of getting ready.  Autumn begins this month and “winter is coming” (forgive me George R.R. Martin). Now we harvest what we started in Aries and analytical, discerning Virgo is here to help with that task.

The Sun moved into Virgo on August 22 and now Mars follows suit on September 5, alongside Mercury turning direct in Leo on the same day. The degree of Mercury will stimulate the Solar Eclipse that occurred on August 21 into action. And this means you'll be ready to make progress in a creative work-related pursuit. Your mind will feel inspired and your actions will be sharp.

A Full Moon in wistful Pisces on September 6 encourages you to lean into your dreams. The moon rises during the season of earthy, no-nonsense Virgo. This means that your creativity must be directed and channeled. Pisces energy can sometimes dissipate itself by over-commitment to too many projects. Fortunately the Virgo Sun will help you focus, to commit and to begin to bring those heaven-inspired dreams down to earth. Every Full Moon in the monthly cycle is a time for culmination. It always indicates a shift in matters at hand.

Now Mercury is direct and moves into home-base Virgo on September 9. Mercury in Virgo can strengthen your intellect and give your mind a practical emphasis. All the facts are laid out clearly before you and it's easy to categorize them according to their usefulness. Being more rationally oriented now than at other times can facilitate a love of learning, making this an opportune time to pursue serious studies. Focusing on details could overwhelm your ability to see the big picture. You could also be overly critical and skeptical of other people and new ideas. Be easy on the fragile egos of others, even if you have temporarily disengaged from your own.

Disciplined work ethic will take over by the end of the month thanks to Venus moving into Virgo on September 19. When Venus enters Virgo love isn’t flamboyant, it’s humble. It’s more about what you can do for the one you love rather than what he or she can do for you. Show your love by being there, willing and able to roll your sleeves up and take care of the routine that helps create structure behind any solid relationship. Be careful of that Virgo criticism, however.

The New Moon in Virgo on the September 20 is a good time to set goals that focus on Virgo energy. You might want to start a new project (especially good if this is an intricate, detail oriented project) or start making a list of things that need to be done around the house. Don’t forget yourself and what do you need to do for you? The changes that you can make at this time are only limited by your ability to envision them in your mind. This is the time to attend to the little details, to take care of the earthy, practical phases of life.

Pluto ends its 5 month retrograde period on the September 28. While Pluto was Retrograde we turned our focus inward, forcing ourselves to face up to our own buried truths. But now that Pluto is direct, suppressed desires will return to the surface, permitting us to see our innermost secrets in the light of day. During Pluto Retrograde, you may have noticed yourself reassessing the relationships in your life to figure out which no longer benefited you. Now those truths are in the spotlight.

We end September with the Sun and Mercury both entering Libra. At the Autumn Equinox on September 22 when the Sun moves into Libra, the Sun urges us to find the balance between remaining true to who we are even in a relationship, practice objectivity and be reminded that we are creatures who flourish when making connections with others. With Mercury in Libra on September 29 communications are gracious, fair, balanced and diplomatic. Our minds shift towards all that feels unfair and out of balance in our lives. Whether we apply this focus to the world-at-large, which we can surely use right now, or upon the inequalities in our relationships, the lens of our perceptual field will now hone in on where things are out of proportion.