Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Aquarius

The new moon in Aquarius coincides with a solar eclipse the day after Valentine's Day, today Thursday, February 15th. For millions of people around the planet, it is also Chinese New Year.  Watch for another blog post about the Year of the Earth Dog later this week. This is a time for introspection, for reflecting on what needs to shift or change internally, before making what could be some sweeping external changes in March when the sun enters Aries and the whole cycle begins again. 

New Moons are a fresh start, a time of quiet darkness to commune with your spirit, and all those mysterious guides, spirits and allies that whisper in your ear. In Aquarius, your intimately personal visions are seen as part of the greater whole. Find ways to experiment with changing your life by changing your thoughts. Nurture dreams that send the best of you back out into the world.

While a partial eclipse is not as powerful as a total eclipse, its energy in no way should be discounted.  Remember unlike standard New Moons, which have an influence of four weeks, Solar Eclipses have an impact on the following six months. Therefore, to take full advantage of this remarkable event, it would be wise to think big.