Taurus the Bull

On April 19th, the Sun will leave the action-packed, energetic sign of Aries for stable, practical Taurus.  A fixed, earth signed, ruled by Venus, the image of the Bull, should be more “Ferdinand”, less “china shop”.  In Taurus, it is now time to stabilize that Big Bang of exploding life force that began in Aries and secure its sure, steady growth. Without the grounding counter-balance, the new life energy would soon burn itself out after all that volatile, fiery exuberance. Taurus is our basic sense of worth, in the broadest meaning of the word; our material worth, as well as our internal self-worth. It is our values: what we consider worth the price, both literally or/and figuratively.

When a planet or house cusp is in Taurus, it will describe how and/or where you will seek stability and security. People with the Sun in Taurus are usually very practical and levelheaded; they won’t be easily led by idealism. Risks are taken only if it is absolutely necessary and only after much consideration. This is a sign that’s slow to change and would prefer a steady routine in life. They are not afraid of hard work because they value emotional and material security. More than any other sign, this is one of hidden reserves of power and strength, of solidity in form and character. So, in Taurus we take that Aries seed and plant it. To the fiery Aries energy, this may feel like being buried alive, but it is absolutely essential to its longevity; it enables the impulse to become a sustained force.

Some Famous Taurus: William Shakespeare, Sigmund Freud, Queen Elizabeth II, Malcolm X, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Adele.

Not just the Sun transits into Taurus, so do the other planets.  Any planet in Taurus will take a longer time to get moving, but when it does, it will be much more difficult to stop. 

The Moon in Taurus: the Moon is exalted in Taurus which means the energies are complimentary.  This transit can be very romantic about the past, the good old days. Men with this placement will over idealize their mothers. The Moon shows where we can be moody. Taurus can minimize sudden mood swings due to the sign’s plodding quality. However, when depression does set in, it can stay for the long haul. People with this placement have to be careful of brooding, especially over the past.

Mercury in Taurus: thinks about, money, food, owning real estate, and retirement. Like any Taurus placement, Mercury here takes a long time to get moving. But when it does move, it won’t stop.

Venus in Taurus: Venus is at home in Taurus, as it is its ruler. Venus is very sensual (naturally), content, and possessive. We seek security and value that which lasts. Our appetite for pleasure is strong. Tangible and physical expressions of love and romance are most important now. Holding on to someone we love is our tendency under Venus in Taurus. The shadow side of this is excessive possessiveness and treating our partners as objects that we own or want to own. On the financial side, Venus in Taurus looks for high-quality, solid, practical, and long-lasting items. Holding on to our possessions is more likely now.

Mars in Taurus: Mars is what astrologer call debilitated in Taurus, meaning the energies don’t flow smoothly. Mars isn't comfortable when he sets up shop in Taurus since Mars is the planet of "go" and Taurus is the sign of "take it slow." The key to success is having solid roots before pursuing any new directions. Because Mars is about action and Taurus is about our values, what we do must align with our needs if they're going to amount to anything. It takes a great deal to move Mars when he's in this sign, but there's strength and endurance when the right door has been opened.

Jupiter in Taurus: thinks that every problem can be solved with more money. The philosophy of life tends to be materialistic. Unless something else interferes, the general philosophy of life will be materialistic.

Saturn in Taurus: all a person with this placement needs to feel safe and secure is to have a roof over their heads, a few articles of clothing to wear, a little money in the bank, and, most important of all, absolute certainty as to where their next meal is coming from.  If they get these things, they will seem to be the least materialistic of people. Once that little bit of security is threatened, however, they climb the walls until they get it back.

Uranus in Taurus: Taurus here puts Uranus in its Fall position, where the energies have to work harder to gel. Here, the planet of sudden and unexpected change is in the sign that is slow to get started but difficult to stop. The erratic nature of Uranus is curbed here and the force of the planet does seem to concentrate in practical, material matters where its originality can have a great effect.

Neptune in Taurus: when the planet of imagination is in a material sign, the dreams, fantasies, and ideals of that generation will tend to be about material things. Since a whole generation is born with each placement of Neptune we can get an age that concentrates on materialism.

Pluto in Taurus: Pluto rules Scorpio, so it is debilitated in Taurus, the opposite sign. Here we have the planet of death and rebirth in a sign of stability, the planet of obsessions in a sign that loves material and sensual pleasures. The last time Pluto was here was from about 1853 to 1883. That was a generation that believed strongly in material progress and slow, steady improvements, and ignored forces that were lurking right beneath the surface, which lead to World War One.