June 2018 - Stalled on the Cosmic Highway

Uranus’s entry into Taurus was the big news in May and I know most of us are still sorting out where and how this is affecting us personally.  (If you want to book a one-on-one consultation to see how this will affect your life for the next 7 years, click here.) We are already starting June, with the retrograde energy of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto and by the time summer is over, we will have been dealing with 6 planets retrograde.

But right now we can mitigate some of that sluggish energy by tapping into the positive vibes of the Gemini Sun.  It may take us longer to get moving but once we do Gemini will help us multitask like a champ. Mercury is in Gemini as well (its home sign) and it’s a great time to get some networking in before Mercury turns retrograde in July.  On the 12th Mercury moves into the emotional sign of Cancer and this suggests that our thoughts will be a bit more affected by emotional and subconscious patterns. 

Communication is also going to be a theme during the first half of the month with the Gemini New Moon on the 13th. It is especially important to take advantage of this energy now as by the end of the month the energy in the cosmos is going to slow down considerably.  Also on this day, Venus enters Leo and this transit is all about taking a chance on love and expressing what’s in your heart. Leo craves attention; don’t forget to express your appreciation to those who are closest to you. Leo’s dark side has a tendency towards arrogance and if we allow ourselves to get caught up in that vibration it can mean over-estimating our self-worth and value to others which we may regret later.

On the 18th we move into retrograde high season with dreamy Neptune’s beginning the procession and here is when we start to feel bogged down and unmotivated. However, used properly, this can actually be a productive cycle.  Neptune reversed clears away illusion and helps us admit that we’ve been lying to ourselves. If you’ve been kidding yourself, Neptune retrograde won’t let that happen anymore. Mars brings the count up to 5 when his retrograde period begins on the 26th.  Mars will dip back into Capricorn in August and spend the last 9 days in that sign, but the bulk of the retrograde period will be in communal Aquarius. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself embroiled in some nasty Facebook disputes, had testy interchanges with co-workers or found some old anger hidden you thought was over become reawakened. The embers of old disputes are often rekindled during Mars’ retrograde periods.

The Summer Solstice is on June 21st this year and the Sun moves into Cancer at this time. Our focus now turns to matters of hearth and home. The cardinal sign of Cancer represents our roots, our family, the past, the home and our emotions. Cancer is sensitive, intuitive and maternal. While the Sun is in Cancer, we are reminded of our roots and to connect/re-connect with family, biological or otherwise.

The Capricorn Full Moon on the 27th may serve as a particularly dramatic turning point. This full moon illuminates personal drive, realistic dreams, responsibilities, structure and the wisdom of nature. This Moon is also dominated by a powerful conjunction to Saturn which is retrograde at the moment. During the next two weeks you are likely to feel more serious than usual and experience sadness, guilt, fear, restriction or inhibition. In addition a positive aspect to Uranus brings opportunities for change. But these positive factors are not as strong as Saturn retrograde, so you will have to work very hard to make the changes in your life you want or need.

We end the month with Mercury transiting into Leo on the 29th.  Mercury will spend approximately 8 weeks in Leo due to its retrograde period in July.   Mercury in Leo brings the focus of communication is on getting attention. Being in a fixed sign, it seems that we are more likely to stick to our guns, but also be more stubborn and less likely to compromise.  This can be a good thing, but also create difficulties if we take it too far.

June is going to be slow-going; there’s no way around it.  July begins the eclipse season, Mercury turns retrograde and when Uranus joins the party there will be 6 planets in retrograde orbit by August. I’d take this time to look inward as any retrograde periods suggest.  Also realize that any new venture will face some obstacles and probably won’t come to fruition until the fall.

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