July 2018 - Lions and Eclipses and Retrogrades ...oh my!

With two of this summer’s electrifying eclipses arriving and expansive Jupiter ending a four-month retrograde, it’s all systems go.  Or is it?  We still have five planets in retrograde motion throughout the month which brings up unfinished business to finally finish. Messenger Mercury and dominant Mars have just begun their retrograde orbits along with organized Saturn, dreamy Neptune and transformative Pluto. It won’t be easy, but we have to try to maintain our equilibrium.  My advice is to focus on what you can do and not on what you can’t.  Plans and goals are not going to come to fruition or really get started until September when the planets return to direct orbit.  Do your research and put in place whatever is necessary, so you are ready when the energy is released.  I expect after keeping things at a simmer all summer, when we finally do get a chance to get going, things will happen quickly.

Right now we are getting some help in the relationship department with lovely Venus transiting Virgo on the July 9.  No longer in “me first” Leo, when Venus enters Virgo love is humble. It’s more about what you can do for the one you love rather than what he or she can do for you. For the next several weeks love is all about the details. Now is the time to understand that the point of your love is not to create a perfect union, but rather, a shared journey towards mutual improvement.

One of the first planets to return to normal will be Jupiter, who begins regular orbit on the 10th. This is good news as all Jupiter want to do is expand.  So watch those big plans pick up steam.

But not so fast… Mercury retrogrades in Leo on the July 26.  Keep a careful eye on your information and back up your data.  Watch your tongue! With quick-tempered Mars already retrograde and now talkative Mercury in feisty Leo, conversations can get heated and feelings hurt.

This month the two eclipses arrive on July 12 and July 27. Eclipses rouse the unexpected and can prompt swift and sudden change. Normally, the Cancer New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse shines a spotlight on areas in your life that need nurturing, tender loving care, and emotional tending. Since water is a highly magnetic element, the more you can infuse love and tenderness into yourself the more you will attract that energy. However, with Pluto opposite this Moon and the Sun, it’s more about laying low and not starting anything new.  Consider the next two weeks reconnaissance. Later in the month the Aquarius Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse can bring about upheaval. There is a good outcome overall but the impact of this eclipse is all about working in a collaborative (Aquarian) way, so helping hands and advice will be needed to bring projects to completion. Aquarian energy loves change, so it will be a time to make sure you are well grounded and flexible to maneuver around any obstacles.  With Mercury Rx at this time, confusion can muddy the waters, so be sure to use your coping skills and work arounds when Mercury messes with your plans.

We begin the Season of the Lion when the Sun moves into Leo on the 22nd. In Cancer, the Sun's focus was inward, now in Leo it's all about self-expression and creativity. Since the Sun is Leo's native ruler, the Sun is dignified in this sign.  You can expect the motivation of the next four weeks to be about personal forms of creativity and style.  Now is the time to take a risk, using Leo's courage to do so. While the Sun is in Leo, be generous of your time and self. Let the Leo-Sun's warmth help ease your worries. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. It is our job to continue seeking for it and walking towards it. Be confident as you walk your path. Be mindful of keeping the goal in sight and knowing when it's time to tweak the plans and make changes in order complete the tasks at hand. Flexibility is important, as Leo is a fixed sign and the ego can get in the way of progress and growth.  However, we must also be careful not to indulge in the darker aspects, such as pride, arrogance, stubbornness and vanity.

With so many planets in retrograde and with some intense Eclipse energies, self-care should be high on your list. Here is an opportunity to recharge and restore yourself so you are ready to hit the ground running when summer ends. Focus on looking after yourself and strengthening your inner connection.