October 2019 - Revealing the Wisdom Within

We start the month off with Pluto. On Oct. 2 Pluto ends it retrograde orbit. When Pluto starts moving forward, all of our deepest desires and secrets will begin to surface. While Pluto was retrograde, we were more inclined to turn inward and bury our deepest truths and wishes. So Pluto Direct is a green light to go ahead and confront the darkest parts of ourselves and others. This isn't a negative thing, but rather it's a way of bringing truth out into the light so it can be dealt with. This works as a catalyst on both personal and planetary levels, so we can all expect Pluto's powers to transform our lives in one way or another now. If you've been reassessing relationships or other areas of your life during Pluto Retrograde, it's now time to stop thinking about making those changes and truly take action. Be honest with yourself and others, and move forward from the dark to the light.

The next day on the Oct. 3 Mercury moves into Scorpio and into the dark side of communication.  Mercury will stay in Scorpio a total of 9 weeks due to the retrograde period that begins at the end of the month. As emotions become heightened, it’s almost like you never know what you’re going to get during this period. Honesty will come into question and you may take on the role of detective while trying to determine the truth in situations. The dark side of Mercury in Scorpio is communication could become a means of control, rather than connection. The final Mercury retrograde of the year occurs on Oct. 31 and it comes at interesting timing. It’s perfect for Halloween which is naturally a time when we playfully expose our deepest fears of death and inner darkness. Mercury however isn’t playing. We are really being encouraged to level up and advance our soul growth and Retrograde seems to give us some breathing room to help us to digest, process, and work through any final lessons or gifts of the year.

Mars enters Libra on Oct. 4. This is a difficult placement for Mars. Libra is opposite of Mars' natural home in Aries, so its placement in Libra is weak.  Assertive Mars finds it hard to take action because the Libra energy insists on balance and fairness, so you may find it hard to make quick decisions over the next 6 weeks. Mars is also much more diplomatic while in balanced Libra. Our actions become more thoughtful of others, and it's more about negotiating than forcing your way. Venus enters Scorpio on Oct. 8 and as Scorpio’s co-ruler Mars in still in Libra, the cosmic couple are now in mutual reception. (Two planets are in mutual reception when they are in each other's ruling signs as we have here. They will strengthen and provide assistance to one another as there is a line of communication between them that eases the tension.) Venus and Mars can ease each other’s troubles by always being on call for one another during this time. Generally, Venus in Scorpio has the potential to deepen our relationships and increase intimacy as long as we avoid power games and manipulation to get our way.

The Sun enters Scorpio on Oct 23. It’s the light in the dark; the illumination of all the stuff we normally try to hide away. What is in the spotlight now is the need for change, closure, endings. Issues of personal power come up during this period. We are more powerful when we have nothing to hide. Scorpio takes us into the metaphoric underworld. It’s a sign that helps us to face our fears, open up, and grow into something emotionally and spiritually richer. 

The Aries Full Moon on Oct. 13 may also encourage us to look at where we are giving too much or not enough in our relationships. If we have been treated unfairly or if we are treating others unfairly, this Full Moon will shine a light and encourage us to find a new way. A bright spot here is that this Moon and the Sun is sextile to Jupiter, a positive connection which adds the promise of success. A Scorpio New Moon on Oct. 27 puts Scorpio’s many facets into focus. Something has to transform and in order to do so, we have to get uncomfortable. We have to take a risk. We also need to get real. It may be harder to accomplish what we want because of a Mars square to Saturn. Trying to push on too hard puts a strain on everyone, with some accompanying lessons to be learned. To wit, don't pursue energy-wasters once you've spotted what's happening. If you're not getting anywhere, move on to the next and return another day to finish up.

October is an intense month with all the predominant Pluto/Scorpio energy, pushing us to harvest the last of our ripened “seeds” and weed out what either never manifested or has withered and died.  While I use the “garden” metaphor, this process is in no way simple or straightforward.  However, it’s very necessary so we can be prepared and be ready for Spring and new beginnings.

 Sun Sign Horoscopes for the Sun in Scorpio

 (These horoscopes are based on your Sun Sign only. For more accurate information read your rising sign as well.  Or better yet, order a customized forecast.)


The Scorpio Sun brings healing and regeneration to your 8th House of Intimacy. Intense feelings that arise, desire, passion, jealousy, remind you of what's really important and inspire you to release what gets in the way of emotional fulfillment. This is not the time to go it alone. Instead, focus on merging energy or resources with a trusted ally to produce a more powerful influence. For best results, let go of the need to be in control.

There's a change brewing in how you relate as the Sun beams the light of transformation into your 7th House of Partners. Uncover the roots of any relationship-related ruts and take steps to release old patterns. You don’t have to be self-sufficient now -- showing vulnerability and asking for support are the ways to move forward. If your feelings about a special someone is intensifying, take the risk of expressing your passionate emotions.

The Scorpio Sun fuels your 6th House of Work and Health, motivating profound changes in these areas. If you're feeling dissatisfied with your job, it's time to take a deeper look at your true path of service and investigate how to align your work with your passion. You can improve your overall well-being by getting to the source of chronic issues and releasing unhealthful habits. Revitalize your daily schedule by letting go of commitments that feel draining and making room for what really matters.
Get passionate about having more fun as the Sun visits your 5th House of Pleasure and Romance. Take a deeper look at the elements of your life that truly feed your joy -- and those that inhibit it. What might you need to let go of in order to experience more happiness? Your creativity is also ready for regeneration and you yearn for more authentic self-expression. Take the risk of revealing your inner world and write, paint, dance or sing your feelings.

The Scorpio Sun in your 4th House of Foundations calls you inward to discover deep sources of nourishment and power. Your memories of childhood and family past are stirred up now. Cleaning out -- or at least airing out -- the skeletons in your family closet releases a potent surge of energy that helps you build a stronger, more solid foundation. Getting in touch with your passion revitalizes you, while, on a physical level, cleaning out your home helps shift stuck energy.

Bringing focus and power to your mental realm, the Sun visits your 3rd House of Thinking and Learning. Your mind is even stronger than usual and ready to travel into the depths to root out the source of ongoing anxieties and worries. Changing how you think can go a long way toward changing your life. You're longing to connect with others in profound ways -- don't hold back -- speaking your truth is the route to growth and transformation right now.

As the Sun visits your 2nd House of Money and Possessions, channel this ardent energy into putting your finances in order. Hidden financial issues may come out of the shadows, alerting you to what needs to be cleaned up. At a deeper level -- and Scorpio loves the depths -- the 2nd House is about self-worth. Look beneath the surface of any material-world concerns and consider how you are valuing yourself, your time and your energy.

Happy Birthday, Scorpio! You're in your element this month, and your personality shines as the Sun lights up your 1st House of Self. Tap into the power of regeneration by releasing past hurts and disappointments -- it's time for a fresh start. Buying new clothes, changing your hair style or otherwise renovating your look will help invigorate you for this new cycle. Your outlook is also ready for a revolution -- seek a higher perspective by consulting your favorite form of divination.

The Scorpio Sun sneaks into your 12th House of Spirit and Secrets, signaling a time for retreat, reflection and restoration. You have the opportunity to get to the root of any self-sabotaging behaviors and to release these old habits. Slow down and take time out to attend to the deep transformation that wants to happen. Your dreams have important information for you about your next step. Next month these changes will be ready to manifest in the outer world.

In your 11th House of Hopes and Wishes, the Sun fires up your enthusiasm about your future. Get out and network and you'll connect with people who can help you clarify your desires and support you in moving toward your goals. Although you usually prefer to go it alone, you can benefit now by teaming up with friends and like-minded acquaintances. Your combined energy has the power to transform groups, organizations and communities.

Your professional life is ready for a renovation, as the Scorpio Sun calls on your 10th House of Career. Is your work in the world aligned with your deepest passions? Are there any obligations or responsibilities you need to let go of in order to focus on what you really want? You have the opportunity now to get deep insight into your true calling. Take action toward manifesting your mission -- just one small step in the right direction can make a world of difference.

The Sun in your 9th House of Philosophy and Religion inspires fervent curiosity about life's big questions. Your faith is put to the test as you look behind the rhetoric to get to the root of what you really believe. Exploring different ways of seeing the world -- by visiting unfamiliar destinations or investigating various spiritual traditions -- helps you clarify your own convictions. Trust your heightened intuition to guide you toward your inner truth.