Jupiter Square Saturn

essentialzodiaclessonpic Jupiter in Virgo squares Saturn in Sagittarius on May 26th 2016, signifying a period of growing pains and we will feel the effects until late summer. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and increase; Saturn is the planet of contraction and boundaries. This square planetary aspect represents a challenge to face your fears, grow and make life more than it was before. It also teaches you to work with what you’ve got. A square is about conflict and struggle. It motivates you to action. Jupiter-Saturn is a challenge to work hard and manifest your vision; to pursue your goals and no longer put off that which you can do right here and now.

This transit represents the last great effort of finding a balance between the brakes of Saturn and the accelerator of Jupiter. It is forcing us to take a hard look at the most fundamental things in our lives, and question if the ideological and philosophical foundations of our lives are correct for us or not. We are being tested, forced to take a hard look at ourselves, made to try harder, think harder. In this period of time, we will learn to get down to business, be more grounded and balanced. The Jupiter-Saturn Square offers us an opportunity to finally fine tune the application of our beliefs and philosophies to our work, our daily habits, and to our self-care. It’s a loud and clear message to “walk our talk”. This is a call to action to get serious (Saturn) about what we say is our highest purpose (Jupiter).


For someone as impatient to get on with it as you, Saturn-Jupiter’s “stop-start” methods are bound to prove frustrating. But there’s no need to get all huffed up about it. You may not be able to charge toward your goals with your usual energy, but you stand to accomplish much if you halt for a minute and give your strategy some thought. The challenge is to develop far reaching vision and put in the work to achieve it. Charging ahead unthinkingly is as counterproductive as is getting bogged down and losing sight of the bigger picture. This is the time to think seriously about your future. There is a fine line between realism and pessimism so avoid negative thinking or too judgmental an attitude. A realistic view of your goals is just the ticket to make your efforts count.


What does a Taurus fear most? Change and financial insecurity. You are called to grapple with both, take calculated risks, face your fears and reclaim your power. The good news is that you can do so from a position of joy and inspiration. That’s because Jupiter is in your love zone bringing you luck and happiness and filling your life with little pleasures. Your task is to commit unwaveringly to letting in greater love, creativity and happiness and to face those personal limitations that prevent you from doing so. By focusing on what speaks to your heart, you can transform your life for the better, opening up new horizons to explore.


Saturn personified may not be the easiest thing to deal with, but you will meet this old task-master in your relationships now. Your partner may be refusing to play ball, or it may be that he or she is going through a maturation process of their own and has less time for you. If so, your job is to decide how committed you are in the relationship and restore the balance of power and financial flow between you. At the same time, a new vision that’s been born within you is struggling to make itself heard. This may be you wanting to move and travel more, a wish for a bigger home or a desire to settle down and start a family. But it appears that getting your significant other on the same page is a mighty challenge. If your relationship is sound, the key is to keep trying, respecting both yours and your partner's needs until you find a creative solution.


Being Jupiter’s most beloved child, you always stand to benefit greatly from his gifts of abundance. He’s now filling your head with exciting ideas, making you eager to travel, express yourself, connect with interesting people, have fun and live a little. However, Saturn insists that your work must come first, for there’s indeed work to be done. You may find yourself struggling between work limitations on the one hand and your thirst to travel and learn on the other. The key to resolving this creative conflict seems to be to put your ideas to the test. Are they workable? Are they usable? Make something of them. Relationships are also tested, as you come across interesting romantic or business propositions. Some of these will indeed be in it for the long haul. Your task is to discern these people among the many who come and go and align yourself to them.


Two very important aspects of your life are challenged: your love life and finances.  On the one hand Jupiter is pushing you to earn more money, invest in yourself and make the best of what you've got. On the other hand Saturn is making you reluctant to take significant risks. Your body is eager to enjoy life’s pleasures and you know you have lots to give. But your heart is fearful. Your challenge is to find a creative resolution between these forces. You can do so by taking calculated risks. Rather than overanalyzing the situation, focus on connecting with your heart. The key is to find a way to commit to your own happiness and to follow your heart wherever it may take you, even if that means facing your fears or reining in your expenses.


The effort you put in now to improve your life will set you on a fantastic journey of growth and discovery for the next ten years. But there are obstacles in the form of family responsibilities and household pressures. Your parents may demand much of your attention, or you may have your plate full bringing up your kids or sorting out your living situation. Nonetheless try you must! Your challenge is to trust in yourself and have the courage to go after what you want, despite all these other demands. Why not use them constructively instead? It’s well known that if you want something done you should give it to the busiest person you know. In very much the same way, as the pressures mount, your desire to improve your own life strengthens. This intensity can give you the determination you need to pursue your goals.


You’ve been going through some tough times in the past few years but Saturn is here to help you learn from all this and put your own stamp on the final result. Your day to day work and communications, whether at home or at work, may have been hard going recently, squeezing your brains and making you watch your words and think harder about the ideas you want to entertain, the people you want around you and the very foundation on which to build your life. Family or real-estate matters may weigh heavily on your mind and it will require great care and attention for you to direct them. Soon you will come to realize, however, that rational thought is not enough. You will also have to let certain things go, trusting your intuition or simply hoping and praying that they turn out alright. You do have a guardian angel looking out for you, so you have nothing to fear!


Saturn has set up shop in your money zone and seems determined to put you through a bit of a financial grinder. Yes, it may be hard at times and you may have to show caution around your finances, or commit to certain outgoings that put pressure on you. But it won’t all be for nothing. You have an amazing chance to go after your highest dreams and aspirations this year. If you are wise with your money and not too afraid to invest where it matters, you have a real chance to build for the future and be a force for good for all those around you. Ultimately, this process can help you establish greater influence. An important relationship or friendship may also be put to the test now, as you try to make sure you are giving your time and energy to the right people.


As Jupiter’s child you are probably experiencing this transit as especially challenging. Gone are the good times and easy progress of the past. And gone with them may be your natural optimism and faith. Saturn is in your sign demanding that you undergo a maturity test and rise to these challenges, especially when it comes to improving your career and finances. It’s time for you to grow professionally. But to do so, you will have to take on responsibilities, commit fully to one thing and accept limitation, something Sagittarius hates. This may also involve financial restrictions - at least for the time being - in order to build a solid professional and financial future for yourself.


You have always been Saturn’s child and challenges do not scare you - indeed you thrive on them! But this one may be slightly different to the ones you're used to. Your challenge is to let go of old ideas as to who you are and what life is supposed to be and open yourself to new horizons. This may sound slightly too ‘hippie’ to your ears but it is not. It is basically a challenge to reinvent yourself. But to do that you need to first let go of that which no longer serves you. An educational, legal or media project may require sacrifices, making you feel isolated. Travelling incognito to distant places can be liberating now, allowing you to shed old baggage even for a while. Otherwise, regular withdrawals for meditation and healing may be required to help you loosen up. If your vision is strong and if you accept that there are things that are indeed beyond your control - a toughie for a Capricorn - you can drop dead weight and spread your wings towards better places.


Saturn has always been your friend and you're not afraid of his challenges. At the same time, you have an ace up your sleeve and that’s your unique ideals, outlook and originality, which always surprise others. This period you are truly challenged to use that inventive mind of yours to realize your life’s aspirations. There may be some financial obstacles in your way but with Jupiter as your backer, there should be an ample supply of those who wish to support you, both financially and otherwise.  Your friendships are being tested too. You can place your trust in others as long as you are also respectful of their limitations. Use this time to push forward with an important collaborative project, while Jupiter is helping you financially.


The fish swims in the vastness of the ocean and has but little experience of solid structures, boundaries and limitations. This is not a bad thing as it is difficult to build anything on water. You will be prompted to develop your authority, take on responsibilities and rise to professional challenges. You may gain a high visibility position in your career or you may mature through taking on new family responsibilities. Such developments may put pressure on your relationship, but these will only help you grow together. If you’ve both been doing your bit then your bond will strengthen. But if the other party has been acting irresponsibly, it's time for them to get with the program. If you are single, someone you meet now will be like a teacher and mentor to you.