Sun enters Libra


Sun in Libra September 23rd to October 23rd

Fall arrives in the northern hemisphere as the Sun moved into Libra on September 23, and remains there until October 23rd. Libra is ruled by Venus, it’s symbol is the Scales so this will be a time of seeking balance in life. Justice, fairness and relationships will be highlighted. How are our light and dark aspects working?  Are we in harmony with ourselves or are we our own worst enemies?

The Libra Sun encourages harmony between the individual self and the shared self. Accommodation and compromise are its primary ways of creating harmonious duos.  But many people find intimacy difficult. It feels suffocating, confining and limiting to them, which is a high price to pay for sharing one's life with another person. Limits on personal freedom come with every relationship. There are general rules of behavior and individual preferences in play with every connection we have. Some people are very comfortable with compromise; others shrivel at the thought of giving up any authority to a partner. The balance of Self and Other is the crux of relationships – the dance between I and We.

While the Sun is in Libra, our challenge/opportunity is two-fold. Part one is to open our hearts to the romantic images of joyfully shared experience. It is a vision of liberating compromise that happens when what we give up of ourselves is multiplied in return by what we receive from another. Part two is recognizing that relationship is a process in which we move toward and away from each other, an ebb and flow of combining and separating that is completely natural. Accepting the variability of our emotions gives us the flexibility to find happiness within ourselves and when shared with others.