Sun Enters Aquarius


January 20th to February 18th

In modern astrology, the fixed sign of Aquarius rules the 11th House, which is said to be that of “Hopes and Wishes” and also “Ideals and Aspirations”. The glyph for Aquarius is the Egyptian sign for “water above and below”. Therefore, Aquarius is said to symbolize the realm where the invisible waters of heaven pour down onto mankind, in the same way that a soul is poured into a human body. Aquarius has always been linked with Ganymede, who according to the Greek myth was the first mortal to become immortal. He was taken to Mount Olympus to become a “Cup Bearer” for the gods. When we see a symbol for the sign of Aquarius, we see a “water bearer”, which is Ganymede, pouring nectar for the Gods. He was the first man to understand the waters above and bring them down to others, the modern notion of “ideals”.

What is “above” is immortal and what comes from “below” is mortal and the waters of Aquarius are said to transcend both. When we tap into this flow our ideas, thoughts and requests flow up into the heavens where the Gods can look on them favorably. When the Sun moved through Aquarius, it was the coldest time of the year. However, as the earth reaches its darkest point, it holds the promise of future life. Underneath the ground, the roots are starting to prepare for new life. Everything in nature has to be self sufficient. Aquarius, as a sign, is infamous for non conformity. Uranus, its ruling planet shows the same traits. While most of the planets spin on an axis that is almost perpendicular, Uranus’ axis is almost parallel to the ecliptic. Aquarius is a sign of individuality and of looking to the future. The past has gone in exactly the same way as the old year has gone and Aquarian energy can only look to what is happening now and what will come in the future. Nothing practical can be done, but it is a time to give birth to ideas. It was a time when innovations and inventions were devised. During the darkest part of winter, the light comes from within. Anything that doesn’t serve will show itself and be corrected in spring. One of the greatest qualities of Aquarian energy is independence and it’s during the middle month of the winter that life itself is developing independently.

In Aquarius we find an energy that is “above” all the other signs. This is air energy, but unlike Gemini and Libra, this is energy that goes beyond the individual, to encompass humanity itself. Aquarian energy lifts above the mortal realm and the drudgery of daily life and taps into something higher. Therefore, Aquarius energy is always on the cutting edge, able to see further into the future and to greater heights than the other zodiac signs. It is a sign that is forward thinking; it is non conformist, balks at tradition and celebrates originality and individuality. It will rebel against repression of the human spirit. Thus Aquarius, as an air sign, is more exulted. Aquarian energy is often concerned about the plight of humanity. When people stage protests or speak out against oppression, they are using Aquarian energy. Where other signs may see what “is”, Aquarian energy sees what “can be”.