Jupiter in Libra - Peace be with You

From September 9th until October of next year, Jupiter will be in the air sign of Libra.

In your Natal Chart, Jupiter represents career, good fortune and prosperity as well as wisdom and dignity. It shows you where you need to grow. It shows your interests in the higher values of life and how you share those interests with others. The energies of Jupiter challenge us to expand in the physical, the intellect, the emotional but most important the spiritual. Libra is the sign of partnership, ruled by the planet Venus and symbolized by the Scales. Ever gracious, fair and balanced, Libra is an Air sign and among the most social and popular of the zodiac. Those born under this sign always have the right thing to say and know how to make others feel comfortable. Where Libra is in your chart is the area in life where you strive for balance and equilibrium.

Some key concepts for Jupiter in Libra: union, harmony, balance, widening your circle, friendly competition and growth of creativity. Pinning it down to the essential concept, Jupiter now expands on our relationship quest and experience, orienting through the sign of Libra, the mirror - the other. After a year when Jupiter was reined in by Virgo and had to pay attention to the small details, Jupiter in Libra is a breath of fresh air. The energy in play will help manifest love, luck and cooperation much more abundantly than it is now. People are going to be more in the mood to connect. They will want to work in partnerships rather than fly solo. It will also help those struggling in relationships.  If you’re serious about making it work then this shift can help you. This will be an exciting time for many, since relationships will be more supported than they have been in years. Expect more business alliances, marriages, and other unions. You'll notice that it's easier to adopt a more balanced, diplomatic perspective where you're truly able to have faith in and support another person's point of view. Collaborations of all kinds will experience brilliant success potential as a result.

 Here are a few fun facts from previous Jupiter in Libra transits:

  1. 1862 – Lincoln issued The Emancipation Proclamation
  2. 1945 – The United Nations was formed
  3. 1969 – Peace Moratorium, Washington, D.C. - Vietnam War protest
  4. 2004 – Facebook was launched

So I’m sure the question whirling around is how will this new energy shift touch me? The sign of Libra, of course, will feel this shift strongest. They will enter a new 12 year cycle and feel reborn again. The air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius will be closely touched as well and Sagittarius should get a lift too, given that Jupiter is their planetary ruler. However, this new energy will affect all of us because we all have Jupiter somewhere in our natal charts.

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In addition Jupiter was in Libra during these times:

  1. September 11, 1933 to October 10, 1934
  2. August 26, 1945 to September 25, 1946
  3. December 13, 1956 to February 19, 1957,
  4. August 7, 1957 to December 13, 1957
  5.  March 21, 1958 to September 7, 1958
  6.  November 16, 1968 to March 30, 1969
  7. July 16, 1969 to December 16, 1969
  8. May 1, 1970 to August 15, 1970 October 28, 1980 to November 26, 1981
  9. October 11, 1992 to November 10, 1993
  10. September 25, 2004 to October 25, 2005

If you were born during these dates or know someone who was, this is called a Jupiter Return event. It is usually a very lucky time and this cycle coincides with many major life transitions. Knowing when and where Jupiter holds sway for you will give a clear idea of how to focus your efforts for maximum results. The Jupiter's Return Report can tell you exactly how Jupiter will influence or will recharge your life. Wherever Jupiter happens to be for you, the time is always right to work in conjunction with this generous planet to bring your hopes and dreams to fruition.

The cost of this report is $45.00 and includes the chart, written report and a ½ hour consultation.

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