October 2017 - Shining a Light into Darkness

October has big news this month as expansive, truth-seeking Jupiter moves from fair-minded Libra into intense, probing Scorpio on the 10th.  I’ll have a separate post on this closer to the event, but briefly while cooperation was the focus while Jupiter was in Libra, now the focus will be personal power (remember Scorpio is ruled by Pluto) and how we wield it. Some possible good news comes from the planet of abundance in the sign which deals with power. This will cer­tainly highlight economics and finance, bringing the major motivators of money and power to center stage. Economically this can be a positive combination.

But before we plunge into the depths of the underworld, we are still basking in the Libra Sun, promoting justice and fairness.  Hopefully before the Sun transits into Scorpio on the 22nd, humanitarian rescue efforts can be mobilized for the citizens of Puerto Rico who are in desperate need of salvation.  Here’s an article by PBS on how you can help the victims of Hurricane Maria, including a list of charities that you can donate to: http://www.pbs.org/newshour/rundown/can-help-hurricane-victims-puerto-rico/

The Full Moon in Aries on the 5th marks a time of augmented action and aspirations. People may feel more eager and more vigorous. This is a good time to begin new projects or to try to implement desired changes.  Be cautious of selfishness and anger. The New Moon in Libra on October 19th would ordinarily be a moment for finding diplomatic ways to make peace with the world. But a hard aspect to Uranus makes this moon unpredictable and restless.  If you’re planning on starting something new, be careful and avoid business ventures that seem risky or poorly presented.  Focus on balance and logic.

Venus enters her home sign of Libra on the 14th bringing all-things sweet and lovely to the fore. When Venus is in Libra, our desire for connection, harmony and one-on-one connection is highlighted. But her warrior side is also ignited and brandishes the sword of justice when wrongs need to be righted. She will not tolerate any signs of injustice or unfairness toward your loved ones or you. Mars follows his lady-love into Libra on the 22nd, but this is a difficult placement for the impatient warrior, as Libra energy insists on hearing all sides of an issue.  Watch out for cry-babies, thin-skinned whiners and passive-aggressive behavior during this cycle. (That means you too!)


Our celestial messenger is no help in navigating difficult conversations as Mercury enters Scorpio on the 17th and communication collides head-on with the dark sign of secrets. As emotions become heightened, it’s almost like you never know what you’re going to get during this period and honesty will come into question. The dark side of Mercury in Scorpio is represented by the mistrusting mind. Communication becomes a means of control, rather than connection.

To make openness even more difficult the Sun enters secretive Scorpio on October 22nd.  Trust issues become apparent. The Sun however is illuminating these dark places within, lighting up what was in the shadow before. Under the Sun’s passage through Scorpio, we can learn to own our inner shadows and see how this process of inner transformation only makes us shine more brightly.

An interesting aspect closes the month when on October 26th Jupiter and the Sun make their once-a-year meet- up. Now with both in Scorpio, this could be a major day for world affairs, with global Jupiter and the ego driven Sun aligned. Here’s hoping their superpowers combine for some Scorpio-style transformation instead of amplifying the lower vibrations of the sign, which include revenge and power struggles. It’s a day when we might want to take a few moments to meditate and visualize the word at its highest good. Jupiter in Scorpio is an energy transmitter. Our intentions can help shape the global consciousness and these days every beam of light, good intentions and prayers for peace are needed more than ever.