November 2017 - The Truth Shall Set You Free

Before we discover what November has waiting for us, a word about Jupiter now in Scorpio.  Our largest planet can always be counted on to do it big and this merger with Scorpio is no different.  In less than a month, decades old sex crimes are coming to light involving several perpetrators and Robert Mueller has issued the first set of many subpoenas to come. You can expect more of the same for the next 13 months.  Whatever’s been hidden won’t stay that way now that truth-telling Jupiter has embraced the Scorpion proclivity for probing into those dark closets. On a personal level, an era of self-discovery is underway. You may want to check around your own closets and take care of what you find before the universe does it for you.  I have a transit report available to help you identify where Jupiter is going to be your friend for the next year and where you may need repair.

The combination of the Full Moon in Taurus on the 4th and the Sun in Scorpio makes this a time that is both practical and emotional.  The fixed nature of both signs ensures a long-lasting effect. But a difficult aspect with Venus and Uranus could mean a hard spell for even the most stable of relationships and erratic turns in finances.  Be cautious about both for the next 2 weeks.

Messenger Mercury moves into Sagittarius on the 5th where expansive Sagittarius can be overwhelming to detail-oriented Mercury. This energy is honest to the point of bluntness. Mercury's time in this sign can end up being a blessing though, as open-minded Sagittarius helps us broaden our thoughts. Mercury has a reputation for being a bit of a wild card when it moves into this bold and sometimes reckless sign. That's because Mercury is all about ideas and words, and Sagittarius is all about action. This combination could lead to speaking without thinking, accidentally saying something rude, or spouting off things that simply aren't true.

On the 7th Venus moves into Scorpio and deeply passionate relationships are the focus. Superficial flirtations and contacts do not satisfy now, as we yearn for “body and soul” contact with someone special, contact that breaks the taboos, that is extreme and intense, and that is unforgettable. This is a highly emotional position for Venus.

We speak directly from our hearts with the hope of influencing the flow of events during the New Moon in Scorpio the 18th. This moon turns our awareness inward and gives us the clarity to see what outmoded habits we need to shed. This moon burns away our illusions and reminds us of all that isn't authentic about ourselves. We’re poised for powerful, personal renewal at the deepest level and encouraged to let go of stale behavior in order to manifest new, healthier actions.

We’ll all breathe a sigh of relief on the 21st, when the Sun moves into jovial and optimistic Sagittarius. While there won’t be any candy-coating the issues, Sagittarius season helps us turn a wider lens on all the ills of society that the Scorpio season dredged up.

Neptune is the dreamy planet, which at its best makes us see beyond the tangible world and explore spirituality, faith and fantasy. The dark side of Neptune is that its love of illusion can inspire us to escape to alternate realities we’ve created for ourselves, our delusions. So with Neptune moving direct on the 22nd, it once again encourages us to live in denial. Although with Jupiter now in Scorpio stirring the truth pot, it may be harder to do so.

And …it’s the holiday season. Though there are no hard transits on Thanksgiving Day, there are still hard feelings. Let’s put it all aside and call a truce for 24 hours.  A quote a man much wiser than I…

“When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it -- always.” Mahatma Gandhi