February 2017 - We are the Phoenix

I know most of us are angry, frustrated, scared and appalled.  The bad news comes at a pace that is almost too hard to keep up with.  I wish I could say that February was going to be soothing, a return to calm but that’s not the case. 

Fiery Mars has returned to its home sign of Aries until March 9th, arousing people’s fighting spirits. For some, this will mean raising our voices in escalating protest, especially as the Sun visits humanitarian Aquarius until February 19th. It could also stoke aggression, as evidenced by the chaos that’s erupted since Mars entered Aries on January 27th.

With Venus entering fiery Aries on the February 3rd, we’re going to be more direct about what we like and what we don’t like. Venus in Aries lets her heart lead her. There’s courage to go after what tingles our senses and sparks our interest. The upside is that we might catch what we’re chasing so ardently. The down side is that we can run out of steam if things don’t develop straight away.

After three weeks of all the planets in direct motion, Jupiter is the first to station retrograde on the 6th. Jupiter in Libra has been asking us to make improvements in our relationships and further develop fairness and equality to increase peace and harmony. Now Jupiter’s retrograde motions puts a hold on outer growth to focus on equal inner growth. This part of the process is important too, to check whether you’re moving in the right direction.

Mercury’s entry into Aquarius on the 7th cools the atmosphere. Minds become clearer under this dispassionate sign. It’s not that Aquarius doesn’t care, in fact, it’s a very friendly and sociable sign, but Aquarius does have a knack of detaching emotionally in order to remain objective. Communication now is taken up a notch as there’s a drive to discuss viewpoints and investigate alternative perspectives.

February is the month of romance and while hearts and flowers may seem trite, the world needs love more than ever. The Leo Lunar Eclipse on the 10th could be a major moment of opening our hearts and speaking our truths. There could be some eye-opening drama too. Validation, recognition and just plain being seen are core themes of this high-octane lunar eclipse, fueling emotional flare-ups and sending inner children and drama queens alike into the spotlight.  The dark side of this eclipse could shadow issues connected to who follows (Aquarius) the leader (Leo).

And it should be noted that all the upheaval we are experiencing has to do with the yearlong Jupiter-Uranus opposition cycle, which began December 26, 2016 and will run through 2017. Jupiter in peacemaker Libra is facing off against radical Uranus in aggressive Aries. While Jupiter brings people together across so-called “differences,” hotheaded Uranus splinters our efforts with rash and ruthless reactions. For example, the sudden Muslim Ban which threw the world into turmoil and threatened rights many assumed were inalienable. Jupiter and Uranus only lock into this angle every 14 years, which can create chaos, civil unrest and shocking curveballs. Hard-won progress can unravel in the name of so-called revolution. Scary figures can come into power (the entire Cabinet).

The month ends on a volatile note. Combative Mars and power-tripping Pluto will get into a nasty scuffle on February 22nd. Mercury’s entry into Pisces on the 25th softens communications somewhat and encourages compassionate dialogue but it could also mean it’s harder to think logically in a stressful atmosphere. The last eclipse in Pisces for this cycle occurs on the 26th and there’s a powerful wave of emotion. Here’s hoping it tunes people to the frequency of love, the highest vibration. But be mindful of this caution: Pisces also rules illusions and hidden agendas, so misinformation and “fake news” could abound today. And on February 27th, Mars in Aries joins the Jupiter-Uranus opposition which could spell disruption on the world stage. There will be no suppressing mass outrage if injustice is served again.

So don’t put away those pink hats or protest signs just yet - we’re probably gonna need ’em still. But I should point out here; we’ve always had this type of energy at this time of year. It is a time of digging deep and cutting away the dregs of last year to promote the new growth happening in the Spring. It’s just that this year is like no other with the volatile and unpredictable Administration we have to contend with.  There was no peaceful transition of power. The proverbial Band-Aid was brutally stripped off, taking with it some skin.  So now we not only look inwardly to get rid of which no longer serves us, we apply it outwardly to our world.  We march, we donate, we say no, we protest, we resist.  The cosmos are here with the energy to spur us on.