The North & South Lunar Nodes - Wrestling the Dragon

Today the Nodes change signs from the Virgo/Pisces axis to Leo/Aquarius. Since November of 2015 we have been urged to implement improvements in our lives, paying attention to small details to create a healthier environment. Practicing what we preach has been a key component of this transit. We’ve had to learn humility while releasing destructive behavior. The theme of these Nodes was that prayers alone would not be enough to activate change – we had to put action behind the pretty words.

But before we delve into what the Nodes will bring us in Leo/Aquarius, let’s explore what exactly the Nodes are and how they manifest in our lives. The Nodes are associated with one’s spiritual purpose; they represent our soul’s path. The Nodes are not planets or asteroids orbiting in space. They are points where the Sun and Moon’s orbital paths around the Earth intersect. The Moon’s Nodes move in a clockwise (i.e. retrograde) direction, they spend about 1½ years in each sign and take approximately 18 years to make a complete revolution.

Theories of the origin of the Lunar Nodes are as old as astrology itself. The metaphor of the dragon’s head and tail make up the contrasting nature of the Nodes. The North Node, our potential in this life, is represented by a dragon’s head, the South Node, our comfort zone, is represented by its tail. The eclipses are the earliest attempt to interpret the meaning of the Nodes. The key to understanding the psychological impression on humans of the path of the Moon during an eclipse is to imagine this event the way the ancients did without the benefit of our modern scientific thinking. A dramatic and psychologically significant moment happened when a seemingly dark body came between the Sun and the Moon and the Moon disappeared. It was once thought that this threatening dark body was a dragon, which ended at two opposite points on either side of the Moon. They believed they couldn’t see the Moon because either the dragon’s head or tail had come between the Earth and the Moon. Nowadays, instead of struggling against a great dragon in the sky, we struggle against our inner “dragon” in the form of our personal, emotional and psychological limitations, as expressed through the Nodes’ positions.

The change now to the Leo/Aquarius axis will switch our focus in our spiritual evolution. The last time the Nodes were in these signs was in 1998-2000.  Bill Clinton was president, the industry was booming and Y2k was on everyone’s mind.

How might this affect us? The Leo north Node is a call for dignity and leadership, something we sorely need right now. The north Node will teach us to distinguish between self-serving greed and heart-centered courage, which is Leo energy at its best. We are now guided towards expressing our creativity and unique talents. During this transit, we will each need to learn to honor our inner sovereign. As the South Node passes through Aquarius, we can no longer be detached/apathetic; we must be willing to express who we are straight from the heart. As we find our connection to the collective experience we discover the fulfillment that comes through working towards social progress and shared goals. To sum up Aquarian energy at its best possible manifestation, (apologies to Mr. Spock), “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”.

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