May 2017 - Forward Momentum

I’m sure we are all happy to see April in our rear-view! Mercury’s retrograde period ends on the 3rd and now that the personal planets are direct, we can get moving on our new plans and goals that were stalled in April. 

The big news this month is that the Lunar Nodes change signs. These astrological points travel through the signs of the zodiac just like the planets. The South Node, a point of letting go of old patterns from the past, has been transiting the sign of Pisces and the North Node, a point which represents our destiny, has been in the sign of Virgo since November 2015. Now the North Node enters Leo and the South Node enters Aquarius signaling a switch of focus for our spiritual evolution. The regal Leo North Node is a call for dignity and leadership; the humanitarian Aquarius South Node embraces the phrase, the needs of the many, outweighs the needs of the few.

On May 10th, the Full Moon in Scorpio puts the spotlight on our most intimate ties. This is a crucial time for soul-searching.  Our intuition is heightened, so trust your gut feelings. There is a challenge however; Mars (co-ruler of Scorpio) is poorly aspected with Neptune which can dissipate willpower. If we distrust our feelings we can be left adrift.

Mercury enters Taurus on May 16th.  He was last here in early April but then turned retrograde and retreated back to Aries. After our 3 week period of revising and re-working we come back to Taurus with a clearer idea of what needs to be done.

We have a rare trine between Uranus and Saturn on the 19th. Now trines are harmonious angles, but they also open the floodgates. And these two planets seem inharmonious, Saturn is the old guard - Uranus is innovation. On the upside, revolutionary ideas could finally take root, and humanitarian policies could be implemented. On the downside, brewing civil unrest could be unleashed. Since Uranus rules technology, more concrete evidence of Russian election hacking could surface. This energy will need to be channeled carefully.

When the Sun enters Gemini on the 20th, the energy shifts to light and airy. The Sun in Gemini encourages us to move quickly, multitask and be flexible.  Should an obstacle block your path, think of ways around it.  The downside here is Gemini's energy can cause a lack of focus and a tendency toward superficiality. 

On the 25th, the New Moon brings about a restless atmosphere.  Be cautious about becoming two scattered under this Moon's influence. This moon comes at a time of moving about both physically and mentally, gathering data and information, learning and studying, communicating viewpoints and beliefs.  Now is the time to move the "solid new beginnings" into expanded growth and greater accessibility through the power of promoting an idea.

We end May on a frustrating note with Mars opposite Saturn on May 29th and we feel like we’ve run up against a brick wall. Sometimes we have to stay still, even when we are itching to get things done. Problems with authority, the system, the boss or simply our own internal stern parent could counter our attempts to move forwards. It’s best to be patient and wait it out.

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