Taurus - The Farmer

The twelve signs of the Zodiac represent twelve different characters, sort of like roles in a play. They can be described as archetypes, models into which human personality traits tend to group. Plato had theories about mental ideas - or forms - that were imprinted in the human mind before birth.

The psychoanalyst C. G. Jung picked up the idea and developed his own meaning to the word. He stated that there are fixed numbers of models or types that we all share without necessarily having been taught them. They're part of what he called our collective unconscious and influence how we look at reality and what we expect from it. He also meant that we should see these archetypes as inner clues as to how we can grow into self-realization.

The twelve signs of the Zodiac can be seen as a system of archetypes, making a complete world of sorts. We will be looking at the twelve signs and using each archetype to help manifest that particular energy in our own lives. Notice also that the shifting of the seasons as the sun travels through the Zodiac tells us a lot about the characteristics and energy of each signs.  We began at Aries, now we meet Taurus.

Taurus is the fixed earth sign, ruled by Venus and in the solar year now is the time of sowing the fields to secure food for the coming year. Thus, its archetype is the Farmer that enlivens and nourishes humanity. It expresses the serenity and peace of Mother Earth. In your natal chart, the house where you find Taurus is where you need to be a source of value, resourcefulness and tranquility. The same goes for the house that holds Venus. It is in these realms of life that you can nourish others and inspire a sense of belonging and inner peace.

When your Taurus energy is misdirected you act stingy and possessive. In order to gain serenity we have to cultivate a deep reverence for nature and life. The spiritual principle of Taurus is belonging through presence. Honoring the moments of life can be difficult in a society that rewards a frantic pace to acquire “things” and making money. The glyph for Taurus is the arc of heart receptivity and awareness over the circle of spirit, resembling a bull. It symbolizes the ability to listen to spirit, being open to the flow of life through trusting the wisdom of the body and engaging the silence of the soul to discover inner peace.