Scorpio - The Scorpion

On October 23 we enter the world of Scorpio where we'll encounter power struggles, intense emotions and cathartic transformation, but we'll also find deep acceptance of ourselves and the door to unconditional love.

In Libra, we're challenged to acquire the fundamental skills of relating to others on a one to one basis. We learn how to interact, how to compromise and how to balance who we are with what we perceive in the other person. While Libra focuses on the surface of relationships, Scorpio delves into the deeper, messier issues that inevitably arise. In Scorpio, we deal with aspects of ourselves and others that we'd rather not know about. Scorpio navigates the undercurrents, the hidden and unspoken.  In Scorpio, the Sun helps in illuminating upon our relationships through a more in depth understanding of them.  While the Sun is in Scorpio, make a conscious effort to listen to your gut feelings more often, nurture your intuitive abilities and give in to the Sun's urging for us to dig deeper. It is through this deeper, fuller understanding that allows us to push through, become empowered, and then transformed. 

Scorpio is fixed (stable) and as a water sign, Scorpio's energy is more intuitive than logical and more instinctive than reasonable. Scorpios place great importance and are usually focused on uncovering what lies beneath the surface to identify find truth, down to its core. Ruled by Pluto, the moving emissary of Scorpio energy is associated with power issues, elimination, death, rebirth and deep transformation. It transforms by forcing us to scrutinize below the surface, with eyes open, to behold what lurks there. But this can be difficult for the average person. It is not a journey for the weak, although it can ultimately strengthen those who undertake it. Scorpio and Pluto challenge us to bring light to the depths of who we are, so that we can know our true inner reality, the truth of what forms the bedrock of our human experience.

Some famous Scorpios:  Marie Antoinette, Hedy Lamarr, Bill Gates, Gordon Ramsey, Pablo Picasso, Julia Roberts, Hilary Clinton, Alfre Woodard and Grace Kelly.

Scorpio is the sign of extremes, such as birth and death, decay and regeneration. It also rules everything hidden and underground. Any planet placed in Scorpio will have its function greatly intensified.

The Moon in Scorpio: The Moon is emotions and Scorpio is the sign of extremes and jealousy. It goes without saying that these emotions have to be channeled into the right direction or there may be a few minor problems. On the positive side, this placement increases the emotional need for great sex.

Mercury in Scorpio: gives a subtle mind that is always looking for secrets or something hidden. This is a great position for a detective or therapist. Mercury in Scorpio is also great for finding weaknesses in opponents. And talk about a sharp tongue! They have an instinct for saying the one thing to shake anyone else up. Even if they don’t say it, they are thinking it.

Venus in Scorpio:  Relationships are seldom light and breezy with this placement. If you have this one, you can love partners or hate them, but it is always with passion. Nothing is half-hearted here. Scorpio is the sign of the "underworld" and those with this Venus, at some point in their lives, will be attracted to pleasures or people that society considers illicit or downright illegal. If they are lucky they can come out of it renewed, like the mythical Phoenix, rising out of its own ashes.

Mars in Scorpio: Mars is the fighting ability and in Scorpio, it is either on or off - nothing in between. People with this placement have to learn moderation in battle. However, it's quite a sexy transit. Mars and Scorpio share a strong relationship with sexuality that can transform “like” to “lust”. When Mars is in Scorpio, attitudes and actions become intense, powerful, willful and transforming.

Jupiter in Scorpio: In the area of religion and philosophy, there is a tendency to be attracted towards all things hidden and mysterious. Jupiter is where we are "lucky". Jupiter in Scorpio can give us "luck" in dealing with other people’s money and resources, in having these available for us when we need them.

Saturn in Scorpio: Here we have an above average need for a sexual relationship. But there is also a fear (Saturn) of being overwhelmed by the other person, so Saturn in Scorpio people will do things to pull back. For example, picking a fight just when things are going great.

Uranus in Scorpio: The last time Uranus entered Scorpio was 1975, just about the time that the AIDS epidemic started. People with Uranus in Scorpio were born under a time where relationships were undergoing a new cycle. The upheaval of the previous decade meant that things would never be the same but the era of free love and idealism were over also. People with Uranus in Scorpio are forced to come to a new understanding of how people relate to each other. Uranus would bring in the acceptance of new methods for understanding the self and how we relate to others. Psychology and analysis became popular and not considered weird. Uranus is considered exalted or highly powerful in Uranus since both the planet and the sign are about change, the death of the old and the birth of the new.

Neptune in Scorpio: The illusion of this age (1956 to 1971) was that people could be reborn (Scorpio) through drugs (Neptune). There was also great concern about pollution, but very little action taken. Neptune changes minds; action comes later. In this case, Uranus and Pluto followed Neptune into Scorpio and that’s when we got environmental protection laws.

Pluto in Scorpio: From 1984 to 1995 Pluto was in Scorpio and that generation is now coming of age.Pluto travels its fastest in Scorpio the planet it rules, spending only 12 years in that sign, where it spends up to thirty years in the other signs. Sexual matters are the main manifestation of Pluto in Scorpio. There was an alarming spread of the AIDS virus during this Pluto/Scorpio transit. Questions arose and demanded consideration about what constitutes safe, responsible sex. Free mores of the 1960s and '70s had revealed a need to concern ourselves with the implications of what we still welcome as more open attitudes about sex. Pluto in Scorpio also had a dramatic impact on religion. Notice the number of cases of sexual abuse that were highlighted within the church. Also notice, on a more positive note, people's increasing interest in discovering the common thread in their fellow human beings and nurturing it for the better.