November 2018 - Shifting Tides

With all the retrograde energy this year, it has been a time of reflection and introspection; of looking behind to move forward.  Before the year’s end there is still a lot of movement to juggle and we begin with expansive Jupiter.

Jupiter moves into its home sign of Sagittarius the Archer on November 8 and will remain there for a year.  After a year of trudging through intense power-seeking Scorpio, we have all felt the heaviness of that energy.  It has been a year of revelations as long-held scandals and secrets have finally broken through to the light of day.  The #metoo movement is a perfect real-life example of what this energy can bring. While Jupiter is in Sagittarius we are going to feel expansive, abundant, positive, radiant, and we are going to feel hopeful. There has been so much tragedy around the world and so much tension in politics, but Jupiter in Sagittarius is going to help brighten and lighten the mood, and allow us to see ways in which we can work together, rather than against each other.  I’ll have more information on how to best use this beneficial transit in a few days.

However, before we celebrate this positive event, we need to keep in mind that we are still under the Scorpio Sun’s purview until November 22, and it’s a time of intensity and digging deep, especially during the Scorpio New Moon on November 7. This moon turns our awareness inward and gives us the clarity to see what outmoded habits we need to shed. Transformative, willful Scorpio burns away our illusions and reminds us of all that isn't authentic about ourselves. We’re poised for powerful, personal renewal at the deepest level and encouraged to let go of stale behavior in order to manifest new, healthier actions.

Another major transit in November is retrograde Uranus moving back into Aries.  On November 6, Uranus will backtrack in Aries for the last 4 months of this cycle, permanently moving into Taurus in March 2019. This planetary movement happens to fall on the day of our Midterm Elections. Revolutionary Uranus revisiting the sign that rules individual rights, anger and assertiveness is a wake up call for many not to abandon our ideals or silence our voices.

Mars in Pisces, starting November 15 can an ease up or diffusing influence regarding recent stress or pressure. In Pisces Mars achieves its ends by a variety of means, but not its usual confrontational style, it will operate in a more passive aggressive manner. The best way to make use of Mars in Pisces is to use your imagination as one of the most powerful tools you have to bring about changes to your reality.  You can also use this transit to explore your dreams, especially those that have a vivid and compelling quality.

Venus turns direct, but Mercury turns retrograde the next day backing through outspoken Sagittarius. Be careful when communicating opinions and ideas, as comments tend to be very direct, sometimes to the point of what others consider tactless. Mercury in Sagittarius has a tendency to exaggerate and to be too optimistic, so there is a chance of making bad judgment calls.  Obviously this period will also cause delays and problems with holiday travel, so be extra careful.

On November 22, Thanksgiving Day, Sagittarius season begins. While the Sun is in Sagittarius, dare to dream a little. Allow Sagittarius’ ideals to stir excitement within yourself. Let yourself be okay with being unsatisfied with simply existing and living in automatic mode. Have the courage to seek out living a passionate life, where your days are filled with people and activities that make you feel like your life is fulfilling instead of just full.  Keep in mind though as the Sun joins Jupiter and Mercury in this honest-to-a-fault sign, honey goes a longer way than vinegar.

Later that day the Full Moon in airy Gemini is concerned with communication and mental stimulation. Gemini wants to know what is going on within immediate circumstances, but at times can be superficial and inconsistent. With so much information floating about, don’t do everything at once; it’s best to take deep breaths and focus on one thing at a time. There are also two strikes against using this energy to its fullest potential.  Mercury is retrograde and the Sun and Neptune square off making today foggy.  The best antidote is go slowly and finish one thing before beginning the next

Neptune stations direct on November 25. While Neptune has been retrograde, we discovered where we were wishing for the impossible. Now that old dreams have evaporated, and we have got clear about where we were deluding ourselves, we can give birth to new dreams. But we also need to keep one foot on the ground, lest we be swept up Neptune’s delusional vibe.

The “luckiest day of the year,” according to astrologers, is when the bold Sun and boundless Jupiter make their annual connection.  This year that occurs on November 26. With these confident and charismatic planets united in worldly, abundant Sagittarius, the month ends on a hopeful and optimistic note just in time for the holidays.