Jupiter in Sagittarius - Return of the King

On November 8 we have Jupiter moving into Sagittarius until December of 2019. All planetary movement is important, but this particular one is beneficial since the planet is moving into its home sign. Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. Fittingly, it was named after the king of the gods in Roman mythology. Jupiter is the Roman equivalent of Zeus.  Jupiter takes approximately 12 years to travel through all of the signs and stays in each sign approximately 1 year.

In Astrology, Jupiter is a planet of plenty. It is tolerant and expansive. Jupiter seeks insight through knowledge. Some of this planet’s keywords include morality, gratitude, hope, honor, and the law. Jupiter is a planet of broader purpose. Jupiter has generally been associated with good luck and bounty. Optimism and growth (including mental and spiritual growth) come under its rule. The more negative manifestations of Jupiter include blind optimism, excess, and overindulgence.

For the past year we have been dealing with Jupiter in Scorpio.  This has been a tough placement for Jupiter.  Jupiter likes the light – Scorpio is happiest in the dark places. Jupiter’s entrance into the intense, secretive sign of Scorpio on October 10, 2017 marked the beginning of a thirteen-month period of exploring and confronting the complex mysteries of life and death, as well as the dark canyons deep within us. Jupiter tends to exaggerate aspects of a sign, and so it will with the qualities of Scorpio. It has been a year of revelations as long-held scandals and secrets have finally broken through to the light of day.  The #metoo movement is a perfect real-life example of what this energy can bring. 

Now Jupiter enters the mutable (flexible) fire (passionate) sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a restless, freedom-loving, fun-loving sign symbolized by the Archer aiming his arrows high, far and wide, and the Centaur, half human half horse, representing human consciousness combined with the instincts and speed of the horse, It is therefore associated with travel, of the mind, body and spirit, and the understanding of life we gain from such travel. It is the sign of the explorer, rarely happy with the here and now, but wanting the freedom always to go further and experience new adventures, explore other cultures and ways of life, and gain wisdom from them. As a perpetual student of life and all it has to offer, Sagittarius is eager to move on, to experience life to the full and learn all there is to learn. He is interested in morality and ethics and can be very principled and high-minded.

With a Fire sign Jupiter, we identify strongly with our own opinions, beliefs, and perceptions and we may take it quite personally if others disagree with us! We create our own opportunities, and we are at your best when we are thinking in big terms, taking calculated risks, and displaying confidence. Jupiter in a Fire sign teaches us to embrace our more confident, brave, and outgoing selves. This is how we grow and expand.

This is a time for much ‘moving on’ from what was. Whether job, home, relationships, beliefs, interests, knowledge, anything that we feel is no longer enough for us or restricts us from going further and getting more out of life, we may leave behind. Such a desire for change, for freedom to further oneself, may seem irresponsible, but is necessary for growth and development. 

Here are a few events that occurred at other times when Jupiter was in Sagittarius:

 ·        In 1924, the U.S. Army completed the first-ever ‘round the world flight.

 ·        During a 1936 Jupiter transit, the BBC aired its first televised broadcast; forever changing the way news is received.

 ·        The first Polaroid Land Camera introduced instant photography to the world in 1947.

 ·        In 1983, Jupiter in Sagittarius brought us the first-ever mobile phones, introduced by Motorola.

 ·        Jupiter’s most recent visit to Sagittarius in 2007 gave us the iPhone, a Sagittarian invention if there ever was one.

Jupiter in Sagittarius will force us to deal with the lingering divisiveness. We could see major political leaders rise and fall. During past Jupiter in Sagittarius transits, Gandhi and Yitzhak Rabin were murdered, the Dalai Lama fled Tibet and Margaret Thatcher and Fidel Castro took power. The Nixon Watergate scandal also played out while Jupiter was in Sagittarius during the early 1970’s.

For some of you, you will experience your Jupiter return which happens every 12 years when Jupiter moves back into the sign it was when you were born. This is a very fortuitous time.  This is a time associated with a strong urge for freedom and expansion, when you will want to improve yourself and explore and experience some new area of life, when new horizons open up to you and a new phase of your life begins. Here are the dates of the previous transits. 

11/09/35 to 12/02/36

10/24/47 to 11/15/48

02/11/59 to 04/24/59

10/06/59 to 03/01/60

06/10/60 to 10/25/60

01/15/71 to 06/04/71

09/12/71 to 02/06/72

07/25/72 to 09/25/72

12/26/82 to 01/19/84

12/10/94 to 01/03/96

11/25/06 to 12/18/07

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