Mercury Rx in Sagittarius - Truth or Dare

From November 16 until December 1, 2018, Mercury will be traveling retrograde through “nothing but the truth” Sagittarius, before backing into “I’ve got a secret” Scorpio for the duration of its backspin that lasts until December 6. The truth will inevitably come boiling to the surface during this phase, as secrets are revealed and skeletons are forced out of the closet. We may also be asked to review situations that happened last December 3 through the 22, when Mercury was last retrograde in Sagittarius. The silver lining is that this time around we will be better prepared and be more proactive.  This transit is going to push us to look at the fine print (Sagittarius hates details and prefers the big picture) and reflect on what we've done and to be extra careful and pay attention to the facts. Mercury’s dip back into Scorpio teaches lessons that will involve going back and uncovering information that we may have been previously unaware of or have tried to suppress.

By now we all know the don’ts of this transit, but how about some do’s. 

 ·        We might look at past decisions and ideas from a new, possibly enlightened perspective. This is a time for reconsidering a long-term dream or vision of our future. However, be sure to stay organized and think before you speak. The tactlessness of Mercury in Sagittarius is magnified making and the chances of being misinterpreted run higher than usual, even more so than with other Mercury retrograde cycles. And getting overwhelmed can cause its share of missed appointments or opportunities.

 ·        Mercury retrograde periods can be times of heightened inner awareness, when meditation, benefiting from keeping a journal, reworking old plans, and reviewing past work are favored. This particular transit will be especially helpful in discovering your truth or to finally let go of what’s been holding you back.

 ·        It is important to note that there is absolutely no reason to suspend projects or anything of the sort during the Mercury Retrograde cycle. It’s not an ideal time to start new ones or to sign contracts, simply because a change of mind is quite likely once Mercury turns direct. However, it’s a fabulous time to do some “outside of the box” thinking.

In addition to Geminis and Virgos feeling “off” while their ruling planet is retrograde, Sagittarius and Scorpios may also feel this intensity as the transit is in your home turf. However, Leos and Aries may find the workarounds exhilarating.

If you want to know how you’ll fare over the next few weeks, contact me for a Mercury Survival Guide.