Capricorn the Goat

Today on the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year, Capricorn heralds in the winter season. As an Cardinal earth sign, ruled by Saturn and with the goat as its archetype, Capricorn portrays the enduring and irrepressible spirit of nature. In ancient times the goat was a symbol of courage, of high aspirations and was surefooted that enabled them to climb higher than any other animal. Goats can survive anywhere and on even the scarcest of vegetation. They are true survivors and can endure short term sacrifices and harsh conditions. 

Capricorn energy has to be smart, but also practical. It is earth energy and accomplishes by actions, not words. It has the patience of “time” itself and understands the natural order. We could never have the new life of spring, without the death of winter. All are part of the natural order and Capricorn rules the natural order of life itself.  We are all marched through a process where we reassess our goals, do closure and manifest our hard worked plans.  With its ruling planet Saturn, this sign is associated with structure, priorities, results, endurance, pragmatism, obligation, duty and authority. To most of us, this is a rather formidable list. Capricorn, as a force in our lives, has a reputation for being demanding and lacking in humor, but few of us appreciate Capricorn for being a teacher of valuable lessons which enable us to achieve and progress.

Saturn, along with Capricorn forms a hierarchical puzzle; each brick of achievement is balanced upon the layers below it.  Later lessons are built upon the foundation of previous ones. If we have not done our homework, we can become lost or mislead when faced with the tests of later learning. Saturn can force us to work harder than usual at something so that we become stronger in that area. The natal house where Saturn resides is often the area where we feel the weakest, yet it’s often where we excel the farthest because we've worked so hard to compensate.

Some famous Capricorns: Martin Luther King, Jr., Lady Bird Johnson, Stephen Hawking, LeBron James, Clara Barton, Sandy Koufax, Val Kilmer and Joan Baez.

Not just the Sun transits into Capricorn so do the other planets. The sign of Capricorn will put any planet it gets its hands on to work. This is the sign of organization, ambition and discipline, after all.

The Moon in Capricorn: The Moon shows our emotions and Capricorn is the sign of cold efficiency. Actually, the Moon here can be just as emotional as anywhere else. It just doesn’t want to show it. Capricorn builds walls. It is also the sign of ambition and organization. There is a long list of famous people with the Moon in this supposedly "weak" position. Washington and Lincoln both had it. So did Thomas Edison and Ayn Rand and Bobby Kennedy. There is an emotional need to be organized and get the job done. Of course, in the process, those irritating things called "emotions" tend to get pushed aside.

Mercury in Capricorn: When Mercury enters practical Capricorn, our thoughts come down to earth, our ideas are realistic, and communication becomes very clear. Mercury is the planet that rules our minds and influences the way we think and speak. Because Capricorn is one of the most conservative signs of the zodiac, Mercury’s transit here puts a methodical, rational spin on our thought processes and interactions.

Venus in Capricorn: This is certainly an interesting cosmic combination! On one hand, there is Venus which is the planet of love, acceptance, pleasure, and the arts. On the other hand, you have earthy and Saturn-ruled Capricorn, whose focus is on commitment and work. This means that Venus in Capricorn is a time of approaching our relationships in a more mature way and when our romances become bound by rules.

Mars in Capricorn: is great for the energy. This placement gives the ability to pace oneself so that you can keep going long after everyone else drops from exhaustion. Mars feels completely comfortable in Capricorn because this energetic planet is driven to succeed, just as Capricorn is all about working hard and achieving goals to get ahead. In fact, Mars’ energies flow so powerfully and easily in Capricorn that astrologers say it is "exalted" in this sign. 

Jupiter in Capricorn: can be very good for business, even though Capricorn is a sign of contraction and Jupiter is the planet of expansion. People with this placement can make a big deal out of small matters. They can save pennies and yet spend large amounts with ease. But the expansiveness of Jupiter is restrained in Capricorn, because our thoughts are limited to ideas that can actually be turned into a reality. This could put a damper on fantasies, schemes, and dreams that entertain the mind but distract from earthbound reality. Capricorn wants measurable results and is especially skeptical about unproven concepts.

Saturn in Capricorn: feels safe and secure when it is in control of everything in its immediate environment. Saturn and Capricorn are like two astrological peas in a pod. Saturn is a disciplinarian, the planet that likes to take us to task. As the "Father of the Zodiac," Capricorn wants us to not only set long-term goals, but also asks us to create a plan that helps us work toward accomplishing them. So when Saturn makes its trip through the sign of Capricorn, it could feel like we’re going through our very own cosmic rite of passage.

As the natural ruler of Capricorn, Saturn is at home in this sign, and enhances the very best that Capricorn has to offer.

Uranus in Capricorn: The genius of Uranus is put to work doing big things. The generation that made the Victorian era was born in the 1820’s when Uranus and Neptune (the dreams, ideals, and illusions of our age) were both here and despite its reputation as being stuffy, the Victorian age was one of great material progress.

Neptune in Capricorn: just happened from 1984 to 1998. It tends to give a very practical imagination focused on this world that we see before us. Louis Pasteur had this configuration in his birth chart. Lewis Carroll would seem to be an exception. After all, "Alice in Wonderland" is a fantasy. However when you look at it closely, you will notice that all the jokes are based on errors in logic. Even here, Capricorn always has a serious purpose. He was trying to teach.

Pluto in Capricorn: happened last time in the 1760’s and 1770’s. Pluto is death and rebirth. When it was in Capricorn, sign of organization and of organizations, the sign of authority, there was the first truly successful revolt against an empire - the American Revolution. Those born with this placement included the people who made the French Revolution, as well as one who established a new authority, Napoleon. He was the first modern dictator, extending state authority further than ever before.