The Year 2019/ January 2019 Overview - Reach for the stars with your Feet on the Ground

I don’t think I am in the minority when I say 2018 has been a hard year to handle.  It was a year of inner growth and patience and it’s never easy to dig into our own closets and unearth and face the secrets and skeletons hiding there. We had much energy that was encouraging us to pause, reflect, and assess our motivation moving forward.

We had to question, we had to take time to ponder and reflect in order to know what was true in our hearts and what was worth fighting for. Perhaps now that we are at the now that we have come out the other side, we are able to look back and see that we are stronger, wiser, and that we accomplished more than we realized. (During the year when I am feeling discouraged, I will remember this photo from today.)

As we enter 2019 more planets will shift into earth signs so by the end of 2019, we will have Jupiter, Saturn , Uranus and Pluto all in earth signs. Under this earthy energy, we are going to be working on creating security in our lives, finding our roots, grounding ourselves, and building towards something brick by brick. On a global level, this earthy energy is going to force areas like politics, government, environment, and banking into the spotlight. In fact, for most of 2019, we are in preparation mode, preparing for the huge energy shifts that are on the way in 2020.

Uranus officially moves from Aries to Taurus in 2019 as it complete its journey of Aries in March. Uranus in Taurus is bound to shake up our attitude towards money and personal possessions, and it’s a time for bold innovations in these areas. We can expect changes to what we value on non-material levels as well, and we’re inclined to value ourselves in new ways through the course of this transit that lasts until April 2026.

 This year we have 3 periods of Eclipses on the Capricorn/Cancer axis, the first happening right away in January, the second in July and finally in December. Eclipses are always potent as they often bring change, and shift our lives in a new direction. Lunar energy is feminine and if we can combine this with the earthy energy on offer, we will really be able to ground and root ourselves so we can reach higher into the heavens. This set of eclipses calls on us to seek a better balance between our attention to the outside world and our focus on developing our domestic/inner world. 

All of the Mercury retrogrades in 2019 take place in water signs. Water signs are known as being the most intuitive and seeing as Mercury is the planet of communication, we are really going to be encouraged to tap into our intuition and listen to our intuitive voice. As a point of interest, on Monday, November 11, Mercury will transit the Sun for the first time since 2016. The transit or passage of a planet across the face of the Sun is a relatively rare occurrence. As seen from Earth, only transits of Mercury and Venus are possible. Want to know more about 2019?

 So we kicked off the new year with go-getter Mars entering home sign Aries on January 1. This transit is a perfect kick start to the year, giving us all the motivation and courage needed to go after our goals. Mars will be in Aries for 6 weeks until mid-February, so we have plenty of time to spring forwards. As with every transit, there is always a shadow side so what we need to watch during this time is a tendency to push TOO hard. Mars in Aries can be one track, seeing only what it wants, never mind who or what gets in the way.

Mercury’s entry into Capricorn on January 5 is a stabilizing influence We may be more serious-minded during this transit but it’s perfect for constructing a plan and approaching ideas with due consideration. Mars might want to pile in and get the job done but Mercury in Capricorn puts out a hand and says ‘wait’. On the same day the New Moon in Capricorn is also a lunar eclipse. This is the first of four Capricorn eclipses (two solar, two lunar) that will occur between now and July 2020. As this is a South Node eclipse, we can anticipate that what is revealed now will let us know what structures/limitations need to be released.

On January 6, Uranus stations direct and for the first time in what seems like forever, we have all planets in forward motion. Uranus retrograde may have shaken us up at times but it’s been a necessary process to free us from restrictions. Anxiety and fear of the future give way to a new-found freedom where we can express ourselves uniquely.

Venus enters Sagittarius on January 7. This is a sigh of relief as Venus moves from Scorpio's intensity into the sign of optimism and expansion.  Venus entering Sagittarius is an arousal to contribute. Be cautious though, Venus can play fast and loose with love and money while in Sagittarius.

 The first of 3 important squares between Jupiter and Neptune occurs on January 13. This, along with Saturn’s sextile to Neptune is going to be the defining feature of 2019. Jupiter square to Neptune amplifies spirituality, compassion, unconditional love. It also means an increase in the lost and forgotten, a magnification of confusion and uncertainty. Nothing feels solid, everything feels messy. It’s addiction and addictive, the great escape. The cosmic help we have on hand though is the sextile between Saturn and Neptune, the first occurring on January 31. Saturn sextile Neptune invites us to build our dreams. But we can’t just dream it, we have to do it. We have to take responsibility for those who have fallen through the cracks.

 On January 20 the Sun enters Aquarius lifting spirits still further and really playing on the freedom vibe that reverberates through the month. The sun in the expansive Air sign of Aquarius brings innovative ideas that can inspire and uplift your life.  Aquarius encourages you to not only think outside the box, but to let go of the box completely and reach for the stars.

We also have today the next eclipse for this season – a lunar eclipse on the very edge of Leo. This is the last of the Leo eclipses. Think back to what you have learned over the past two years since the Leo eclipses began in February 2017. What have you discovered about your creativity, your ability to shine, your confidence? One final piece of the puzzle takes shape during this lunation, ready to be embodied and enacted. 

Mercury enters Aquarius on January 24, giving a mental lift and bringing mind in line with heart. Whereas before, we stuck with what we knew, now it’s time to try something different. Look up new information, turn the conversation around.  

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