September 2018 - Getting our Ducks in a Row

Well, we survived the Summer of the Retrogrades.  At one point we had 6 planets in retrograde motion and I am sure none of us escaped without a hit or two. And let’s not forget those eclipses.  But that’s behind us now as we look forward to September. Don’t expect to feel immediately lighter, it will happen, but it will take a few weeks for the retrograde “fog” to completely lift. Now is our month to clean up and tidy up all the energetic baggage we have been dealing with. It is a month to get organized and to sort through all that has been removed and all that has been left behind.

As September begins, there are still four planets retrograde. But by the end of the month, only Uranus and Neptune will be on their backwards journey.   Mercury and Mars turned direct at the end of August.  Saturn in his home sign of Capricorn ends his 5 month retrograde orbit on the 6th.  It has been an interesting 5 months of eye-opening revelations in politics and business here in the US and the world at large. Pluto will also correct its course at the end of September. While Pluto was reversed we turned our focus inward, forcing ourselves to face up to our own buried truths. But now that Pluto is direct, suppressed desires will return to the surface, permitting us to see our innermost secrets in the light of day. 

Venus enters Scorpio on the 9th and our love life is going to face some challenges over the next several weeks.  Venus is uncomfortable under Scorpio’s intense, possessive gaze.  Venus is only interested in the tickle, not the slap. Except for a two week break into Libra, Venus will remain in Scorpio until the end of the year due to its retrograde period in October.

On the same day we have a New Moon in Virgo and this is a good time to set in motion those goals we’ve been sitting on all summer.  A word of caution, this Moon is opposed by Neptune and plans could take on an unrealistic rose-colored hue. It might be a good idea to get a second opinion on your course of action.  

Mars moves into Aquarius on September 11th. He’s been here twice before already since mid-May. Remember to keep your ego and temper in check especially when the square with Uranus comes back around. Friends could become frenemies and group dynamics could turn explosive in a moment’s time. We’ll all need to breathe deeply and practice “agreeing to disagree” with extra vigilance. Also with Mars in forward motion and Uranus retrograde this could mean that the final meeting this year between these two powerful planets will be the charm that will bring a resolution to the personal and global conflicts in play throughout the year. Mars won’t move out of Aquarius until November 16th.

We have some help with smoothing over any rough spots brought about the Mars/Uranus dust-up when Mercury enters Libra on September 22nd, followed by the Sun on September 23rd.  Libra excels in diplomacy and strives for balance in life. 

On the 24th the Full Moon in Aries spotlights our individual needs and accomplishments. Despite the Moon being in independent Aries, we can’t go it alone during this time. We also need to balance giving each other a helping hand with personal accountability. Still, the Moon is supported by Mars, so motivations are clear and we’re feeling braver, despite being aware of the nicks in our shield.

Although most of 2018 has been sluggish, September offers the chance to make some leaps and to put plans into place that have been in the works for some time.