Libra - The Scales

On the Autumn Equinox on September 22nd, we have reached the half-way point in our astrological journey.  Directly opposite Aries on the natural natal wheel, airy Libra is a cardinal (active) sign ruled by Venus.

In Libra, the Sun is social, accommodating and fair-minded, but we must guard against becoming indecisive, self-indulgent and gullible. The Libra Sun encourages harmony between the individual self and the shared self. The Sun urges us to find the balance between remaining true to who we are even in a relationship, practice objectivity and be reminded that we are creatures who flourish when making connections with others.

Libra represents our ability to relate to other people, but this is actually a very complex task. We arrive at Libra which teaches us that we are both connected and separate beings, being both intimately attached to others and isolated as distinct individuals. However, distances can also be deceiving and we must ask ourselves if we’re really seeing what we think we see. The danger to avoid is what we perceive is the other person, can often be what we project our own desires, needs, issues and agendas onto that person. This can mean we’re seeing only a glimpse of the real person, while filling in the blanks with our own hopes, fears and expectations. In Libra we must learn to navigate through this and decipher which is the reflection and which is the real thing. The best way to do this is to keep relating to others until we find a way that works.

Ultimately, we must honor and experience both sides, just as the scales of Libra must be balanced from both sides. Libra represents this kind of objectivity, based on distance and separation. When we view other people as separate beings, we can see them clearer than when we’re up-close and intertwined.

Some Famous Librans:  Gandhi, Ray Charles, Eleanor Roosevelt, Jimmy Carter, John Lennon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jim Henson and Oscar Wilde

Aries acts; Libra reacts. This is why it needs a partner, someone to get things started. Any planet placed in Libra will demonstrate that sense of balance, swinging from one side to another.

The Moon in Libra: needs charming surroundings at home. Not anything gaudy or showy; that would be more Leo. Remember that little elegant touches appeal to Libra and that the Moon rules emotions. If you are romantically involved with someone with a Libra Moon, small touches will activate those emotions. A tasteful card or small gift to show appreciation will go a long way. They may seem above emotion, but they will feel really hurt if you forget their birthday.

Mercury in Libra: gives an active mind that sees both sides of everything. Libra is the sign of the balance. People with this one can take a long time to reach a decision, and then change it quickly when one new bit of information becomes available. Mercury in Libra people think better with a partner around.

Venus in Libra: is in its own sign. Venus shows what makes us happy, and here in Libra, that means beauty, tasteful surroundings and pleasant intellectual conversation. The negative side is a tendency to be superficial in relationships, ignoring the true character of people as long as they act on the surface with good taste.

Mars in Libra: This is a difficult placement for Mars. Libra is opposite of Mars' natural home in Aries, so its placement in Libra is weak.  Assertive Mars finds it hard to take action because the Libra energy insists on balance and fairness.  When in Libra, Mars is better able to think things through before acting impulsively. This could lead to a bit of procrastination, but at least that's better than starting fights or rushing into things you'll later regret.

Jupiter in Libra: Jupiter shows how we can put all those little facts together, how we get the big picture. Aires will do this fast. Libra tends to take time. It has to balance all the factors. Unless something else interferes, Jupiter in Libra feels secure and safe in partnership situations.

Saturn in Libra: Fairness is the most important thing to this sign and Saturn will bend over backwards to ensure the right decision is made. They can see both sides of an issue and determine the impartial outcome. But they often lose themselves in the more personal interactions because of this obsession. Saturn represents Karma, ambition, control, restrictions, responsibility and learning from your mistakes. This is not a problem for Libra, for they are always cautious in their endeavors. They take their time to weigh the pros and cons of everything before rendering their final verdict. But while this can be very helpful in dealing with other people’s problems, it sometimes hinders them from figuring out their own solutions. 

Uranus in Libra: The planet of "I’ve got to be free" in the sign of partnership produces a generation of folks who tend to need their own space in marriage. Uranus was in Libra only seven years since the 1800’s, from October 1968 through November 1974 (as well as May to September 1975). This period represents great transformations in marriage and partnerships, law, and art. Unconventional, previously unacceptable, or new ways of relating became more commonplace. The spirit of the union rather than its legality was more important, as Uranus in Libra symbolizes independent and willful souls seeking greater freedom in relationship.

Neptune in Libra: This last happened from 1943 to 1956. That was the time of the "Man in the Gray Flannel Suit", the conformist, the company man. After the Great Depression and World War II, everyone wanted to get back to "normalcy". The illusion of that age was to think that if you don’t rock the boat, everything will be fine. For people born with this placement, there is a love of fairness and justice. Ironically, this generation did rock the boat during the riots and demonstrations of the 1960’s. Most of them were also born with Pluto in Leo, which added fuel to the fire.

Pluto in Libra: Pluto was in Libra for everyone from October 1971 to November 1983 and again in May through August 1984, since 1735. Those born during this 13 year period have been learning how to relate to others as equals. By listening to how reality exists for another person, one becomes able to give that individual what he or she truly needs. And by having a wide variety of relationships with many value systems, emotional and cultural patterns and spiritual beliefs, one can grow in understanding by comparison and contrast. You will find that change and inner growth often come through intense partnerships with both friends and lovers, with a need to examine your unconscious motivations and aspects of relating. You may also have new and potentially revolutionary ideas about law and justice.