March 2019 - Stoking the Embers

March is a busy month as it heralds in the New Year. Just as the earth begins to shake off winter’s mantle, we too stir with new vigor as Aries ignites the dormant fire within us.  But not so fast! Just as we try to get going, Mercury pulls a fast one and turns retrograde putting us in a holding pattern. Here is what’s happening for this month.

We start on March 1 as Venus enters Aquarius, bringing a friendlier but detached vibe in relationships. While Venus is in Aquarius, we are reminded that love doesn't have to be the tie that binds. It doesn't have to restrain. Instead it can be freeing by valuing independence within the relationship. This period may also calls our attention to our community/society and how we can help make a difference. So, if you've been putting off joining a volunteer program or are interested in contributing to charitable causes, this is time to make that happen.

On March 5 to March 27, we have the first Mercury retrograde of the year. This retrograde will take place in Pisces so we will be exploring the turbulent territory of our deep unconscious mind. Since Mercury in Pisces is the sign of its fall (uncomfortable and weak) it creates mental and emotional confusion, with strange dreams and sometimes psychic experiences. Nervousness and stress, even unfounded fears and paranoia are stimulated, especially from working or living in a hostile environment.  I’ll have a survival guide with coping mechanisms. Check my website for updates.

Uranus completes his mission in Aries and enters Taurus on March 6. Although Uranus changes signs every 7 years, the last time it was in Taurus was 1935 to 1942.  If you remember your history those years included The Great Depression, the beginning of WWII and the abdication of King Edward VIII of England. We now begin a new chapter where old practices are changed to allow for new growth. It’s not an easy relationship as Taurus wants stability and the familiar while Uranus wants to shake things up. I wrote blog post on my website about this transit so you can read more about it here. For all of us, there will be a part of our lives that has gotten too comfortable that needs a big overhaul.

The New Moon in Pisces is also on the same day. In Pisces, the Moon is intuitive, spiritual, insightful, hopeful and attuned to the energies beyond the physical and mental realms.  This New Moon offers an opportunity to connect with your personal "dreamtime".  Along with the Piscean Sun, this is an excellent time to tap into our inner resources as we plan for the coming year sine Mercury Rx discourages starting any new projects .

The Zodiac years begins again as the Sun enters Aries. The Sun enters Aries on March 20, taking us back to the beginning again. This is also Spring Equinox in the Northern hemisphere and International Astrology Day!  In Aries, the Sun is confident, impulsive, instinctual and ready for action. While the Sun is in Aries, we are encouraged to follow our raw, instinctive drives. Be true to who we are and all the facets which make us the individuals we are. Embrace the true self and go for whatever it is we desire. We matter, each one of us, and deserve to live the life we envision ourselves living. Entertain the spark of ideas and see where they lead. Find the leader within yourself and make your way.

Also on the 20th, the Full Moon in Libra reminds us that compromise is a key to success in relationships. Yet it opposes the willful Sun in spontaneous Aries, which is more interested in acting independently than slowing down to accommodate others. Knowing when to take charge of your life and when it's appropriate to meet others halfway is the lesson of this Full Moon. It is important to note that this Full Moon will take place on 0 degrees of this partnership-orientated sign. It means that we will also have a second Full Moon in Libra this year which will take place on April 19 on the 29th degree of this sign. Both the Libra Full Moons this year then are on critical degrees. New agreements are struck (0 degrees) and old partnerships are released or come to crisis point (29 degrees). These are interesting dynamics and it should be interesting as to how these transits will play out in the political arena with its volatile climate these days. Diplomacy is certainly going to require some careful handling with these hot degrees involved.

Venus moves into Pisces on March 26. Venus is exalted in Pisces, which means Pisces compliments Venus' nature so its energy is magnified. Venus in Pisces is loving, compassionate and creative.  This placement will bring an increased level of inspiration to your finances as well as your romantic life.  Those with creative gifts may feel very inspired during this period.  However, guard against having unrealistic expectations. This is a gentle, emphatic transit that works well for creative and spiritual unfolding.

At the end of the month, Mars enters Gemini on March 31 which fires up the mind but possibly scatters focus. Mars enters speedy Gemini after spending an agonizing six weeks in laid-back Taurus. For us, that has meant a lot of frustration as we’ve tried to accomplish something and kept meeting with obstacles. Mars entry to the sign of Gemini gives a chance for him roam more freely. In Gemini, Mars' energies are driven by mental activities and intellectual pursuits. In his rage, he might take up words as his weapon while he fights in a heated debate. His passions rise with mental stimulation. Mars in Gemini is ready to act and take up multiple tasks.