2019 - Mercury Rx in Leo/Cancer

Yesterday, Mercury began its retrograde orbit in the sign of Leo and in a few days will move into Cancer and remain there until the end if this cycle.

Mercury in Leo, triggers passionate displays of expression that are sure to cause reactions from you and from others. This fiery planetary influence inspires more emotion behind words and thoughts, which inspires passionate responses, which in turn, ignites the airspace with electricity. Instead of forging ahead with new proposals or engaging in a shouting match, your time could be more effectively utilized by re-visiting an old creation that could use more time and attention then you previously allotted. Be careful with your spending habits at this time. On July 19 begins the Cancer period, a homey and nurturing sign. Mercury will be guiding us to look at the past and to reflect on what we have learned before moving forward. It wants to remind us of the wisdom and knowledge we have gained so we can avoid making the same mistakes from our past. As Mercury travels into Cancer, we are going to be reminded that before we can really step up and take ownership of our lives, we have to first settle things “at home”.

As July’s Mercury Retrograde falls just a few days after the Solar Eclipse, it really is nice timing, as whatever the Eclipse stirs or brings our way, we will have time to digest, reflect, and ponder things for a while. Eclipses bring change, whereas Mercury Retrograde wants us to pause before making a change, and this will be a welcomed pause which we can all use to ensure we are stepping forward into a more authentic future, rather than one that is old, overdone, and not for our highest growth.

 Mercury Retrograde through the Signs


You tend to communicate with a unique sense of energy and enthusiasm, but during Mercury retrograde you would be well served to slow down and make sure you’re getting your point across. This is a good time to work on your listening skills! Retrogrades can be frustrating for Aries, as you tend to like things to move quickly and Mercury retrograde is packed with delays and informational traffic jams. If you’re dealing with a sense of frustration or impatience, physical pursuits are your best bet to manage that anxiety. Sports or exercise will combat your natural drive to push ahead and keep your emotions in check.


You’re used to moving slowly but surely Taurus, so you already have habits that serve you well during Mercury retrograde. Don’t neglect your finances during this time, and avoid making big investments if possible. You derive a great sense of pleasure and safety from your home life, so be conservative with any updates or improvements in that area—this isn’t the time for a remodel or home makeover! Frustrations may arise with friends or family members. Try and be generous and patient and you’ll see that effort come back to you. You work hard to cultivate a sense of security in your world, so if you find yourself frustrated by an increase in chaos and confusion around you, give yourself time for a mental or physical rest.


Gemini is ruled by Mercury, so the twins always feel a retrograde significantly. Gemini is a natural charmer, but you’ll want to keep an eye on your tendency to gossip or flirt, both could be misconstrued during this time.  Because you understand the world and the people around you through communication and language, Mercury retrograde can be frustrating for you. This transit always effects electronics, so opt for in person communication whenever possible. As frustrating as it might be, this is a good time to challenge any existing habits or relationships that have been causing you stress recently. Mercury retrograde won’t necessarily be the time to act on it, but it can be useful for seeing things from a new perspective.


This retrograde looks like an emotional roller coaster. While your water element’s influence on the tail end of Mercury retrograde can slow down some of the more intense communication errors, you might still find yourself struggling to make meaning of things. While signs like Gemini and Virgo experience some disruptions in their thoughts and speech, you’re experience the effect on your feelings. With Neptune still retrograde as well, it’s exceedingly difficult to tell truth from fiction. You have a tendency towards passive aggressive communication when you feel your needs aren’t met, which you’ll want to try and avoid. This is a good time to work with techniques that connect you to your body, like meditation.


Since this retrograde starts in your sign, you’ll be feeling the effects in a real way. Expect frustration and roadblocks ahead, Leo. You like being a natural leader and moving things forward, but Mercury retrograde has a way of complicating your plans. Blow ups and temper tantrums are inevitable if you don’t take the time to unwind. Fear not though, this month is still your time to shine. It takes a lot more than Mercury retrograde to dim the Leo spotlight, after all. If you feel like you’re being misunderstood, try and relax instead of doubling down. Take your time making decisions, as things will make more sense soon.


Like Gemini, Virgo is ruled by Mercury and particularly susceptible to retrograde periods. You appreciate clarity and efficiency—two things sorely lacking during Mercury retrograde. Feeling tongue tied or flummoxed is normal for the next few weeks. Be aware of your body language during this time, which can also be misinterpreted. If you find you doubt yourself, don’t be afraid to check in with friends and loved ones for a second opinion. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help, especially when things feel out of control. Avoid making any long term business decisions or starting new ventures for the time being.


You may find that making decisions is a nearly impossible task, Libra. You always try and weigh every possibility before arriving at a conclusion, but during Mercury retrograde finding a clear and balanced answer is more difficult than usual. The good news is that it’s ok—don’t beat yourself up for slowing down and waiting a bit before making major commitments or decisions. You take care to show respect and kindness to your friends and associates, so miscommunications or misunderstandings during this time might sting. Try not to get caught up in petty drama, which will seem insignificant in a few weeks.


You may find yourself reevaluating even your closest relationships during this Mercury retrograde, Scorpio. Now is the time to listen and observe. Feeling restless or unsatisfied with where your life is going or how people perceive you is natural (especially with the Leo influence), but you’ll want to avoid making big career or physical transformations right now. When Mercury moves to Cancer later in the retrograde, deep feelings may arise for you as a fellow water sign. You generally enjoy doing deep inner work, but don’t distress if you have a hard time finding answers, even within yourself.


This transit’s effect on travel could be a major bummer on your natural sense of wanderlust, so hold off on any trips until Mercury goes direct. You’re a person of strong opinions and intense curiosity, but those things may not be well received right now if you’re not careful in how you communicate. You might find yourself feeling stubborn, like you need to dig in your heels to get your point across. Try to see things from other people’s perspective. If you’re in school, working in academia, or taking any kind of classes, there might be a hitch in your work, so take your time.


You like a tight ship, Capricorn, so Mercury’s influence on matters of business and productivity are no picnic for you. If you’re in a leadership position, you might find difficulties communicating with your team. Its Leo season and you probably want to direct that fire into launching something new, but you’d be well advised to wait. Intense conversations with loved ones should also be on the back burner until Mercury goes direct. There could be disruptions with your normal routine, but this doesn’t have to be all bad. You tend to get set in your ways, so use this as an opportunity to break out of your cycle and see if there is something new that suits you. Necessity can be the mother of invention.


Your intimate and personal relationships are under the microscope during this retrograde, Aquarius. Conversations around love or romance may leave you confused or frustrated. You might even find yourself dealing with unexpected feelings for past relationships. Instead of acting on them, you would be better served using this time to explore what you need to heal any past wounds that are holding you back. Patterns that haven’t been resolved yet could be resurfacing, and this is a good time to examine them and move on.


With your ruling planet, Neptune, also in retrograde right now, it’s hard to know which way is up! You’re having a difficult time telling truth from fiction right now Pisces. How do you know if the information you’re getting is correct or sincere? This is an important time to hone in on and listen to your intuition. Your powerful sense of empathy will help soothe the worst of any misunderstandings that come up, but take measures to protect yourself as well. Like Cancer, you’re a water sign who is at risk of getting your feelings hurt during this confusing time.

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