July 2019 - Eclipses, a Retrograde and the Lion's Roar

Be prepared for a very intense July. The days have the potential to clean, purify and eradicate our old values, systems and beliefs. Now is a good time to let it go – once and for all. Don’t get yourself tied up in knots over what seems to be scary energy.  Let’s break it down to manageable pieces.

Now Mars moves into fire on July 1 and you must release your newfound, newly centered self that you learned and secured while Mars was in Cancer. If you found that truer self at your center, then as you create, others will "see" that more authentic self in your creation. But remember, always, you get what you give. Recognition, approval, acknowledgement and respect, these are the motivators of your life now. But you must give if you are to receive, give to yourself and to those before you.

Our other loving planet Venus moves into Cancer on July 3. Venus moving into the sign of home and hearth brings us a time to relax and enjoy the people and parcels of home. This is a good respite with the energy coming forward the rest of the month. Cancer is a sensitive, caring sign, a sign where the Venus' energy is easily expressed. Empathy comes freely and there is a real desire to provide nourishment to those around you. She moves into Leo on July 27.  This transit is all about taking a chance on love and expressing what’s in your heart. It’s time to be daring in your relationships. Whether you’re bursting with new passion for someone special or need to bring up a problem with your spouse/significant other, this influence will help you find the words, actions and courage to convey your feelings. Leo craves attention; don’t forget to express your appreciation to those who are closest to you.

The Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Cancer occurs on July 2. People having their personal planets and points in the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn would feel the impact more. This Solar Eclipse is all about stepping forward into the future. It is full of opportunities, wisdom, and spiritual insights. It is an intense Eclipse, but it is one that will help us to open doors and get us to where we want to be. Cancer teaches us to honor our roots and preserve memories. But it also tends to idealize the past and hold on to things that are long overdue to be released.  With retrograde Saturn opposite this eclipse, we’re confronted by the cold, hard truth: The more emotional baggage we insist on dragging around, the more we limit our possibilities. If we’re serious about moving forward, we’ve got to deal with unresolved issues once and for all. Another thing to remember, communication is important at this new moon, with Mercury in Leo preparing to go retrograde on July 7 we’re all a little touchy right now, and conversations with loved ones can get a little heated. We have unusual second New Moon this month in Leo on July 31. This is a great time for us to start new projects as well as begin to send out visualizations of what we want to manifest into the Universe. The Leo New Moon is concerned with self-expression, and showing what’s in your heart. This is a great time to ask yourself if you’ve truly been doing the things that make you feel the most fulfilled.

On July 16 we have the Capricorn Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse, a powerful and confrontational one because of a close conjunction to Pluto. Intense emotional reactions, compulsive behavior, and power struggles are likely to result in a crisis. This suggests the lunar eclipse will expose many dark secrets and bad behaviors. This Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn is bound to thrust us into a state of heightened awareness of flaws in the structures of our lives, particularly in our career or outer structures and our home and family structures. Decisions made now are emotionally-driven. This Full Moon is about balancing our commitment to our career and families. Something has been building inside of us, and now is the time when the energy of the cosmos fairly demands that we let it out.

Mercury begins its retrograde orbit on July 7. This cycle is going to be a tough one.  Mercury begins the retrograde orbit in Leo, but on July 19 will move into Cancer. The retrograde Mercury in Leo triggers passionate displays of expression that are sure to cause reactions from you and from others. This fiery planetary influence inspires more emotion behind words and thoughts, which inspires passionate responses, which in turn, ignites the airspace with electricity. Instead of forging ahead with new proposals or engaging in a shouting match, your time could be more effectively utilized by re-visiting an old creation that could use more time and attention then you previously allotted. Be careful with your spending habits at this time. On the On July 19 begins the Cancer period, a homey and nurturing sign. Mercury will be guiding us to look at the past and to reflect on what we have learned before moving forward. It wants to remind us of the wisdom and knowledge we have gained so we can avoid making the same mistakes from our past. Mercury begins direct orbit again on July 31.

The Sun in Leo on July 22 is all about self-expression and creativity. Since the Sun is Leo's native ruler, the Sun is dignified in this sign.  You can expect the motivation of the next four weeks to be about personal forms of creativity and style.  Now is the time to take a risk, using Leo's courage to do so. While the Sun is in Leo, be generous of your time and self. However, we must also be careful not to indulge in the darker aspects, such as pride, arrogance, stubbornness and vanity.

Overall, July is a month of new beginnings, fresh starts, and opportunities. It is an intense month with a lot of cosmic energy bubbling, but it is also a month of acceleration and graduation. Through this pivotal month, don’t forget to be gentle with yourself, to practice a lot of self-care, and to not allow your fear to block you from riding that elevator to the top- you’ve worked hard and you deserve it!

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 Sun Sign Horoscopes for the Sun in Cancer


The heat is on and you love it, as the Sun energizes your 5th House of Self-Expression. This is the ideal time to launch a new creative project or take your creativity in innovative directions. Amplify your attractiveness -- and your opportunities for romance -- by speaking from the heart and generously sharing your gifts. Letting healthy self-confidence morph into excessive pride blocks the intimacy you desire.


Use this fiery burst of inspiration to create (or re-create) the home of your dreams as the Sun's rays activate your 4th House of Domesticity. Any home-improvement projects that have been on the back burner are ready to come to the forefront. Past relationships could surface now, inviting you to release old attachments. You might need more emotional support than usual -- don't be afraid to ask for it.


You're the messenger of the zodiac, and this month your communication skills are highlighted as the Sun visits your 3rd House of Thought and Information. Harness the Leo Sun's potent creative energy by exploring multiple viewpoints and then take the risk of sharing your message with the world. Releasing fixed perceptions based on past partnerships opens the door to new romance, perhaps right in your neighborhood.


The Leo Sun presents opportunities for getting creative with your finances, lighting up your 2nd House of Personal Resources. Have you been contemplating new approaches to bringing in income? Perhaps something that feels like more fun and where you get to be your own boss? You have extra confidence in the financial realm and luck is on your side in building your base of resources, so take a risk.


It's show time! You've been waiting all year for your moment in the Sun, and finally it's here. You're ready to update your look, embrace a fresh perspective and launch new projects. How can you generate more joy, express more originality and shine your light even more vibrantly?


Your inner light burns brightly -- though only you might notice, as the Sun slips into your 12 House of the Unconscious. Pay close attention to your dreams, which could offer creative solutions to waking life challenges. Get plenty of rest and attend to your spirit -- you need this down time in preparation for next month, when the Sun moves into your home sign and ushers you into the spotlight.


The Sun is heating up your 11th House of Teamwork, friends and networking. Creative collaboration is high on the agenda and you feel more confident taking a leadership role in groups and organizations. Your friends may surprise you with dramatic displays of egotism, challenging you to maintain your inner equilibrium and perhaps prompting you to release relationships that no longer reflect your true self.


Although you feel more comfortable behind the scenes, this month you're in the limelight, as the Sun brightens your 10th House of Public Image. You're ready to take on more leadership in your career, and to approach your work with greater creativity. Bringing more of your true self into your job might involve making dramatic changes -- don't let attachment to old ways of being prevent you stepping into success.


You feel right at home with this fiery and feisty energy, and it's energizing your favorite arena -- the 9th House of Travel and Expansion. This is the ideal time to plan a summer vacation, preferably to a foreign locale or deep into the wild. Getting overly fired up about your beliefs can push others away, so remember that your version of the truth is just one piece of the philosophical puzzle.


The Leo Sun illuminates the shadowy corners of your subconscious; bringing awareness to aspects of yourself you may prefer to keep hidden. The Sun's journey through your 8th House of Depth might not make for a particularly merry time, but it does offer a profound opportunity to feel and release any stagnant emotions that block intimacy. Honesty -- with yourself and loved ones -- is the best approach.


Your 7th House of Partnerships is primed for summer fun, opening the door to new romance or reinvigorating a current relationship. Get creative in imagining how to maximize your fun with friends and loved ones. Over-analyzing and projecting into the future prevent you from acting spontaneously and fully appreciating the gifts of the present moment. Lead with your heart and give your busy brain a break.


As the Sun activates your 6th House of Work, Health and Everyday Duties, you're challenged to bring more enjoyment into these mundane areas of life. Tackling various items on your self-improvement to-do list might sound like a drag, but you now have the opportunity to take charge of your routines in a fresh and creative way. Keeping a sense of humor at work helps you stay detached rather than getting pulled into the drama.