March 2016 - Harbinger of Change

essentialzodiacchaosquotes March is going to be a wild ride of a month.  Some of you more energy-sensitive folks probably already have felt a “shift”.  And those who have mutable signs emphasized in their chart, that’s Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces will feel it as well. This month is about change - whether we want it or not, it’s coming.  So let’s buckle up and deal with it head on. Here’s what’s coming over the next few weeks so you can plan ahead.

On March 5th, gabby Mercury enters into watery Pisces and “take charge” Mars crosses into daring Sagittarius. The Mars combo will instantly inspire you to go after what you truly believe in. But take note, Mars will turn retrograde on April 17th, so whatever you initiate will require recalibration. Act accordingly! A week later lovely Venus gets into the Piscean pool. So by mid-month, we will have eight planets in mutable signs, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn (all the visible planets) and Neptune, which has been in Pisces since 2011. Adaptability and changeability are the key words here; mutable signs are flexible and versatile. They are also about ending things that have outlived their usefulness and getting geared up to start the next new phase of life. With almost all of the planets focused on change you will feel the need to do things completely different. Since change is inevitable, do yourself a favor, seize the moment and make the release on your own terms.

We are also moving into eclipse season, which continues to press us to do some housecleaning. On March 8th, we'll experience a Solar Eclipse in Pisces that has a heavy dose of realism attached to it. Imagination meets preparation and determination with this Eclipse so as long as you open your eyes to the reality of hard work ahead, you can truly create magic now. Then on the 23rd, a Lunar Eclipse in Libra will put the focus on your significant relationships in either in your business or personal life.

While we are dealing with the upheaval we get some help from benevolent Jupiter in analytical Virgo and transformative Pluto in pragmatic Capricorn. Change needs to be concrete, good intentions won’t cut it this time. And finally, adding no-turning-back finality to your decisions is Saturn, who’s getting ready to turn retrograde on March 25th   He’ll prevent you from making decisions in haste; but once you commit to a new course, there’s no going back.

Forget January 1st, the real new year is March 20th, the Spring Equinox and Astrological New Year when the Sun charges into fiery Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac. Now is the time to make those resolutions, break any chains that have hindered our growth and get ready to pursue some exciting new goals. More than anything, don’t move into this month with dread. You know there’s something you need to get rid of. You know it has to go. Think of this month as a gift that you have the entire universe on your side to get it done with once and for all.

Need some support to get started? If you’re ready for change, I’m ready to help you.  Check out my Services page or E-mail me for if you don’t see what you need.  I can customize a chart to suit any situation.