Sun enters Cancer

Johfra-Bosschart-Cancer The Sun moves into cozy Cancer on June 21, 2015, which also marks the Summer Solstice. When the Sun is as far north from the equator as it gets, it crosses the Tropic of Cancer and it is the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. Ruled by the Moon, a Water sign, Cancer tends to the extremes of sentimentality and of being territorial. While the Sun moves through Cancer our focus is on home and family matters. Now is the time to have that family get together and barbecue. In Cancer, the Sun is more reserved, sensitive, somewhat shy and intuitive. The Sun's life-giving warm rays are more focused on the inner workings of the self; who we are, what we desire, who/what motivates all rooted at our hearts and the emotional side of the self. The cardinal sign of Cancer represents our roots, our family, the past, the home and our emotions. We are reminded of our roots and to connect/re-connect with family, biological or otherwise.  We are feeling life very deeply now so say what you need to say to clear the air and get relationships back on track. We have an help with this task since Neptune has been Retrograde since June 12th and can help clear away some of that relationship debris. Neptune is the planet of illusion, it clouds our vision and allows us to delude ourselves.  However, when Retrograde we are much more tuned into the vibes around us. The rose-colored glasses come off allowing clear vision. We become acutely aware of the issues and the truth that was eluding us. This is a time when we can see the dividing line between fact and fiction, reality and fantasy. Mars lends his energy to assists as well when he moves into Cancer on June 24th. This is transit bring enormous energy for you to use to focus on security, especially of family and property. Use with caution, as Mars can be explosive.