Sun enters Gemini


Sun enters Gemini - May 21st to June 21st

Normally, when the Sun enters Gemini, the energy shifts to light and airy.  But the Sun amplifies what it touches, so the already chaotic energy in place with Mercury Retrograde in Gemini as well, will make it hard to take advantage of the positive side.  While this is the time to stretch yourself socially and intellectually, be cautious as to not put too much on your plate.  And the downside here is Gemini's energy can cause a lack of focus and a tendency toward superficiality.  Gemini is also restless, preferring to do 20 fantastic things at once instead of focusing on just one. All of this unfocused energy can make Gemini seem scattered and fail to finish what they start. Make a plan and stick to it. Adding Mars in Gemini to the mix can leave you exhausted and more than a little bit frustrated at yourself so take care not to fall into this trap. Also, with Mars in Gemini, you'll have a strengthened ability to communicate. But watch out. When you're angry you'll also have an indomitable capacity to use your words as a weapon.