Sun enters Leo

Leo_Kagaya_0000010_1600x1200 The Sun moves into Leo on July 23rd until August 22nd.  Leo is the fifth sign of the Zodiac, is the sign of the Sun, the central heart of the solar system. In ancient times the Sun came to its full glory and reached the height of its annual ascent as it joined the stars in the constellation of the Lion and ever since, lions have been portrayed as powerful symbols of solar strength, supremacy, glory, light and brilliance Located in it’s natural fifth house, the sign of Leo, will describe how and where you will be affected by influences of optimism, capacity for enjoyment and self-expression.  Your Sun is arguably the most powerful energy in your whole chart. It represents your central sense of purpose and identity. The two luminaries, the Sun and Moon, together form the inner and outer dynamics of our most personal, conscious connection to the Universal Spirit. The outward thrust of the Sun's identity and purpose and the inward receptivity and sensitive feelings of the Moon. They also reflect our experience of mother, Moon and father, Sun since we parent ourselves and others in much the same way as we were parented as children. The Fixed quality of Leo can center us in self-esteem or keep us trapped in a limited view of who we are. On one hand, Leo represents our self-esteem, playfulness, love and self-affirming purpose. At the opposite end of the spectrum, Leo is also the experience of feeling shame, humiliation, self-loathing and aimless cynicism. Which end of the spectrum we're better acquainted with tends to depend on what was affirmed about us in our formative years.  The Sun is a dynamic energy that responds to whatever we fuel it with in adulthood. Just as it's essential to take in love, praise and applause, it's also important to acknowledge and accept our mistakes and human shortcomings.

In Leo, we encounter a more crystallized sense of personal identity. This is different from the Aries form of identity.  Aries is the outer personality through which we interact with the world, whereas Leo is more the person who is doing the interacting. Aries provides the outer layer of who we are, but doesn't always reflect the fiery, molten core that lies within. Leo is our own experience of ourselves, as opposed to Aries which is what we show of ourselves to the world, which is not always the same thing. Think about all the thoughts, feelings, instincts and observations you keep to yourself and don't share with the Leo is that part of us that inherently feels terrific about ourselves and the world. In its purest form, this internal spiritual flame knows no bounds, no inhibitions, no limitations and no blockages. It is endlessly loving, curious, playful and joyous. That playfulness is at the center of our creativity in the broadest sense of the word. We tend to think that creativity applies only to painting, music or other forms of artistic talent, but creativity is more an approach than an activity. Creativity, quite simply, is the ability to take two separate things and combine them to create a third; it is the ability to create something that wasn't there before. Creativity is ultimately the expression of the Self. When you take a creative approach, you make a statement of some kind that comes from you. It says something about the creator as well as the created. Even if you're just putting together components that someone else originally created, the way you put them together can be yours alone. Without creative self-expression, we are automatons living monotone lives of blind obedience, interchangeable with every other brick in the wall. When you deny your creativity, you reject or take for granted some of the unique essence of who you are.